Four Oaks Farm Sport Horse Rehabilitation Centre and all-natural NO THRUSH® Powder want you to be warned – and armed – this fall.

PROBLEM 1:   Does your horse have a sulcus crack (a deep crack in-between the heel bulbs)? If you are not sure, look at the No Thrush ad on page [ INSERT PAGE NUMBER or include before and after heel pics.  ] This is a major warning sign of thrush. In fact, all heel cracks are made by thrush. Thrush is anaerobic, it wants NO oxygen, so the deeper it can get, the more aggressive it becomes. Remember, those cracks lead down into “live” tissue. It is warm and moist in there. That creates the perfect breeding ground.

PROBLEM 2: The problem with “Sulcus” thrush is that you can’t see it or smell it. It’s hidden away deep inside the crack.

PROBLEM 3:  Most people are using extremely caustic products and DIY treatments to control thrush. (ie: bleach, peroxide, etc.) Caustic products kill bacteria but they also damage live tissue. So, if you damage the heel tissue during treatment, it needs to recover before it can re-grow. But tomorrow the new bacteria goes right back in there. You can never get ahead of the thrush cycle.

SOLUTION: NO THRUSH® is a non-caustic antibacterial powder. When you puff the powder into the heel cracks and brush it into the grooves around the frog, it attacks the bacteria, and absorbs and draws out all the breeding ground from within the deep crevices. Within a few days the soft heels and frogs will begin firming up.

BEWARE: Now that the active thrush is gone, you need to be proactive. Keep dusting every few days until the heel crack is regrown and covered by hide. This typically takes 30-50 days. And finally, Thrush is not actually “curable.” A thrushy horse will always be prone to thrush. So instead of waiting for it to come back just dust on No Thrush once a week. This will keep you ahead of the thrush cycle. WATCH VIDEO: [ ]