Jake Telford Achieves NRCHA $2 Million Dollar Rider Status

Jake Telford joins an elite, and small, club as he becomes the fourth National Reined Cow Horse Association trainer to become a $2 Million Dollar Rider. Telford, of Caldwell, Idaho, is no stranger to success

Equine Insurance

Asset Equine & Ranch Insurance What sets Asset Equine & Ranch insurance Agency apart from the competition? The staff at Asset Equine & Ranch Insurance is well versed in all possible equine & farm coverage

Barns & Accessories

CASTLEBROOK BARNS From its inception, Castlebrook Barns has been a symbol of excellence in the horse barn industry. At Castlebrook we understand that the safety and comfort of your horses is of the utmost importance.

The Spinning Collection Drill

The spin is something that’s difficult to teach horses because it’s very much like a seesaw. Every day, depending on the way the wind is blowing, a seesaw is tilted one way or the other.

Therapy & Conditioning

Hudson Aquatic Systems Why Aquatic Therapy for Winter Conditioning and Rehab Winter can bring obvious challenges for conditioning and rehab for equines, but aquatic therapy in an AquaPacer underwater treadmill from Hudson Aquatic Systems can

Give Rodents the Boot: How to Banish Rats and Mice from Your Barn

If you have horses, you usually have rodents. Whether you see them or not. “People will tell me, ‘I have barn cats, so I don’t have mice,’ but rodents are nocturnal, so you don’t normally

Horse Stable Manure Management

A complete manure management system involves collection, storage (temporary or long term), and disposal or utilization. Manure handling is a necessary evil of stable management with horse owners naturally preferring to ride rather than clean

Ask the Vet: Reproduction

Question: How soon after delivery can a mare be bred back to another stallion? What are the positives and negatives for not allowing suitable time for recovery from foaling? Answer: Most mares foaling during the

Five Tips When Considering Equine Insurance

Many factors should be taken into account when choosing equine insurance and getting the right coverage at an affordable price. When it comes to choosing equine insurance, getting the right coverage at an affordable price can

Preparing For A Barn Disaster

Prevent emergencies from becoming disasters. Whether it’s a fire or flood, having a plan can prevent or reduce the impacts of these events. Consider not only events around your house, but your barn as well.

How To Protect Your Pets From Heartworms

Heartworms is a term many pet owners hear but few really understand. When left untreated, these infections, transmitted through mosquito bites, can slowly spread to the heart or lungs, damaging vital organs and eventually leading

Tendons & Ligaments: Treating Injuries and Supporting Healthy Tissues

The terms “tendon” and ligament” are often used interchangeably. While they are similar in some ways (they’re both considered “soft tissue” or “connective tissue”), they’re different in others. Like the name “connective tissue” suggests, the

What to Do If You Have a Barn Fire

#1 Remain Calm The most important thing to do is remain calm. The situation may be perilous, but panic is only going to make it worse. Panic can create situations that endanger lives. Take a

‘Sale Pending’ Explained: How Long Can a House Be Pending?

If you’re in the process of buying a home, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the term “Sale Pending” or “Pending Offer” on more than a few real estate listings—perhaps even on the very home you’re

55th Annual Congress Super Sale – Just Days Away on October 16

Since the very first All American Quarter Horse Congress, the Congress Super Sale has been a feature of this amazing show produced by the Ohio Quarter Horse Association.  In 2021 buyers will be able to

Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation Launches Jerky Jackpot Fundraiser

Foundation partners with Bob Tallman’s Authentic Cowboy Beef Jerky Hundreds of counties across Texas stand to benefit as the Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation launches an ambitious fundraiser termed the Texas 4-H Jerky Jackpot, a

2021 Congress Super Sale – Shop or Enter

“The catalog for the 2021 Congress Super Sale is NOW ONLINE,” states Mike Jennings, of the Professional Horse Services, LLC team that manages the auction.  “The 55th Annual auction is held with the All American

How to Have the Best Time at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

If you’ve never attended the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, you are missing out on the experience of a lifetime! Known as the world’s largest hot-air balloon festival, this spectacular nine-day event features more than 500

September Updates from Hallmarq

Finding Success Treating the Most Difficult Cases Often, pets affected with neurological diseases are among the most challenging cases for a general vet to treat, requiring the use of the latest technology, including MRI designed

Congress Super Sale – Final Call to Enter

“Entries will be accepted for the 55th Annual CONGRESS SUPER SALE, to be included in the Sale Catalog, until September 20th. This is a live auction to be held on October 16th at the 2021

Ask the Vet: Internal & External Parasites

Question: I have a companion donkey. My horse contracted lungworm. Do you believe horses and donkeys can be kept together? Answer: Lung worms are a pretty unusual problem in horses in the United States. When

Unearthing The Truth About Scorpions: How To Prevent Stings

Our curious cats and daredevil dogs are always eager to investigate anything moving across the carpet or in the grass. If that object of your pets’ curiosity is a scorpion, your pet may find itself

Barn Flooring Options

There are typically three parts to what’s under your barn – the foundation, the footings and the flooring. Foundation and footings are what hold your barn up, keep it from shifting in cold and heat,

T.O.P. Appaloosas – Liz Kincaid

Breeder’s Showcase: Profiles of smaller-scale, successful Appaloosa breeders who have a positive impact on the breed. Liz Kincaid’s love for Appaloosas started at the age of 10 when her family visited the Texas State Fair.

The Benefits of Training Your Horse Outside of the Arena

No matter which category a horse falls into — hot-blooded or cold-blooded — riding him outside the confines of an arena and taking him down the trail is one of the best things you can

Horse Trailer Loading Troubles

When it comes to loading troubles, practice controlling your horse’s feet. Question: My horse has never been a problem to load. He has started something new. He walks in, and before I can tie him and

Keep Your Horse Well-Hydrated at Home & on the Road

If you could snap your fingers and remove all the water from your horse’s body, there wouldn’t be a whole lot left. The average adult horse’s body contains approximately 70% water. In other words, there

3 Tips to Keep Your Horse Still While Mounting

There’s nothing more annoying (and unsafe) than a horse that won’t stand still for mounting. Once you step in the stirrup and start to swing your leg over the horse’s back, you are in a

Farnam Celebrates Milestone With Spectacular 75th Anniversary Giveaway 

Farnam has been keeping horses healthy and happy since the company was founded in 1946. In honor of the trusted partnerships that have united Farnam and the equine community across the decades, the company is

Tips to Make the Most of Your Living Quarters

Prepare your living-quarters horse trailer so life on the road is as comfortable as home. Ah, the glamorous life on the road. Eating drive-through fast food, cramming clothes into a suitcase and trying to find