Big Sprinkler Anniversary Cart

Check out this years new colors for the Anniversary Cart! For the past 3 years has produced a special “limited edition” sprinkler cart that has it’s own unique custom powder coat with the “Green

Unearthing The Truth About Scorpions: How To Prevent Stings

Our curious cats and daredevil dogs are always eager to investigate anything moving across the carpet or in the grass. If that object of your pets’ curiosity is a scorpion, your pet may find itself

AquaPacer Utilized in Rehab Comeback from Spiral Fracture

Unbridled Equine, a rehab and performance training facility in Batavia, Illinois, utilizes aquatic therapy, with Hudson’s AquaPacer Plus underwater treadmill, in the treatment of various injuries. Recently, owners Kate Wallace and Katie Hawkins used the

Therapy & Rehab

Texas Equine Hospital At Texas Equine Hospital, our goal is to provide state-of-the-art medical and surgical services to the horse-owning public. We believe training and experience are the foundation from which state-of-the-art care is initiated.

Why is My Horse Cribbing and Can I Make Him Stop?

Cribbing is one of the most common stereotypic behaviors observed in horses. This behavior is not known to occur in feral, free-ranging horses. Also called “crib biting,” cribbing is when a horse places his upper

Can Horses Do Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy?

Water makes up nearly 70 percent of the horse’s body weight, so it’s not surprising that water plays a major role in treating equine injuries and in conditioning and rehabilitation. “Hydrotherapy is a very general

Classic Equine Equipment Stunning Craftsmanship for Today’s Horse Barns

Classic Equine has been instrumental in creating beautiful barns since 1991. Their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship in all of their stabling products has been putting smiles on horse owners all across North America.

Ask the Vet: Poor Performance

Question: My horse has been recovering for the last three years from a partially torn suspensory, colic surgery and ulcers. He now looks the best he ever has in three years and it’s time to

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Equine Lameness Detection

Lameness is the most common ailment that horses suffer. In fact, lameness is estimated to cost U.S. horse owners more than $1 billion every year. Lameness can be described as an abnormal walk, usually noted

Can I (and Should I) Tap My 401(k) To Buy a House?

Buying a house has never been easy, but it would be tough to find a time that was more challenging than 2022. Homebuyers have been put into a vise by multiple economic factors, including high

Stay on Guard Against Ticks

The best times we spend with our horses take place outdoors. That means we need to be aware of potential health concerns, including the unpleasant fact that tick-borne disease is increasing. Ticks are adapting to

Teaching a Foal to Lead Properly

Question: I am training my 9-month-old filly to lead. She backs up and falls over repeatedly until she won’t get up. How do I break this behavior? – Johnboy4033 Clinton’s Answer: Since you don’t provide much detail

League Of Legends Invitational Horse and Stock Dog Sale

League Of Legends Invitational Horse and Stock Dog Sale will be held August 5th & 6th at the home of Turner Performance Horses in East Helena MT, hosted by Northwest Realty & Auction and Specialty Risk Insurance.

Shop Horses Now in June Internet Auction

“The Internet catalog is available for viewing the nearly 50 horses offered in the June INTERNET Auction.  Bidding will open on Saturday, June 18th and will close on Tuesday, June 21stbeginning at 7:00 pm Eastern time,” announces

Tips for Selecting Stalls for Your New Horse Barn

One of the major decisions you will face when building or expanding your barn is selecting the style of horse stall you want. Whichever options you choose, the goal is to create a stall that

Cognitive Decline In Aging Dogs: What To Know

Just as humans may develop neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease as they grow older, our aging canine friends also can develop dementia, also referred to as canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CCDS), a complex of

The Ultimate Home-Buying Checklist: 12 Ways to Prepare to Buy a House

As everyone knows, a new home is not an impulse purchase. You can’t just waltz in and declare, “I’ll take it!” Long before you get to making that offer (on paper, through your real estate agent)—and even

Rollbacks on the Fence Issue

Question: When we’re doing rollbacks on the fence, my horse, Austin, a 4-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse, will stick his head over the fence rather than tucking it in and stopping. The fence is 5-feet high and

Ask the Vet: Equine Physical Therapy (Post-Injury Rehabilitation)

Question: I have a horse that is 9 months out from surgery to repair a broken shoulder. What is the best way to help his damaged nerves to recover?   Answer: Theoretically, damaged nerves do

Exercises for Correct Horse Body Position

Rider position is often the focus of lessons and training. Concentrating on the rider is only half the equation. Horses also need to carry their bodies correctly to give their best performance. “The horse and

Boarding Barn Questionnaire

As a horse owner, I find that searching for a new boarding barn can sometimes be the most stressful part of horse ownership. I’ve made some moves across multiples states and brought my horse along

Horseback Riding Safety Tips

Whether you’re horseback riding or working from the ground, heed these safety tips to keep you and your horse out of trouble. Dennis called them “storms,” and he sat down with America’s Horse to talk

A Fresh Start in the Fresh Air

Horseback riding in the backcountry could be just the ticket to making you and your horse better Everybody can use a change of scenery – even your horse. He might be getting a little tired

Vetericyn® Animal Wellness Invests in Rodeo Athlete Ambassador Team

Vetericyn® Animal Wellness Invests in Rodeo Athlete Ambassador Team with the purpose to educating animal owners and improve the lives of animals with innovative animal health solutions. Vetericyn, a leader in equine wellness products, announced

Entries Accepted for May Internet Auction

“Entries are being accepted for the May INTERNET Auctions.  Bidding will open on May 23rd and close on May 26th,” announces Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC. “The Internet horse auction market is still

The Best Way to Get from Albuquerque to the Gila National Forest

New Mexico is a beautiful state filled with exciting places to visit, but if you’ve never been to the Gila National Forest, you’re missing out. Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is one of the most unique

20th Annual Penn State Quarter Horse Sale Bidding Closes May 3rd

BIDDING OPENS on Saturday, April 30th and CLOSES Tuesday, May 3rd, for the 20th Annual Penn State University Quarter Horse Sale, held again as an Internet Auction,” announces Mike Jennings, of Professional Horse Services, LLC,

IALHA Announces Licensed Officials Education Seminar

The International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association, and the IALHA Education Association are pleased to announce they will conduct an Andalusian/Lusitano (A/L) Licensed Officials Educational Seminar. The Clinic will be held in conjunction with the

Equine Nutrition!

HAY USA Timothy Hay is the most digestible of all hays with a relatively low protein and sugar content. Timothy hay promotes a shiny coat, good digestion, bowel regularity, and healthy weight. It is excellent

O RO Ranch Named 2022 AQHA Best Remuda

Historic Arizona ranch breeds the highest quality of tough ranch horses and has earned the AQHA Best Remuda Award. The O RO Ranch has bred the right kind of American Quarter Horse since long before