WRCA to Host First-Ever WRCA Youth World Championship Ranch Rodeo in 2021

The Working Ranch Cowboys Association board of directors recently approved the addition of a Youth World Championship Ranch Rodeo to be held in conjunction with the 26th WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo, Texas,


Site of the ’21 National High School Finals Rodeo offers variety of activities, eats, and fun for rodeo athletes and their families For high school rodeo athletes, qualifying for and competing at the National High

Bid Now on AQHA Prospects from Ohio State University

Bidding is open now for the 2021 Ohio State University Buckeye Bonanza Internet Auction.  Five 3-year-old American Quarter horses are offered in this auction,” states Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC, host for the

Announcer Darren Moore To Work With Farnam As Brand Ambassador

If you’ve spent any time in the national horse show world, you already know Darren Moore’s voice, but you’ll be seeing more of his face now that he’s an ambassador for the Farnam® brand. “Farnam

Spring Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Procrastinate On

Ah, the telltale signs of spring: trees in bloom, slightly warmer weather, allergies flaring—and a long list of chores to tackle around the house. Before you pause to savor the sunnier days, it’s important to

Ask the Vet: Nutrition for the Horse

Question: How can we help horses with proper nutrition and supplements to prevent ulcers? Too many horses are receiving omeprazole. How can we prevent ulcers? Answer: I certainly share your concern over gastric ulcers, and


In basic terms, forage refers to plants that are eaten by livestock, like your horse. Fresh pasture and hay are two types of forage that are likely part of your horse’s diet. The foundation of

Game Changer

Game changer. It’s not often that you find something that literally changes everything for the better, without a down-side to it. But two years ago, when I bought my dream horse, and subsequently realized he

Do I Need a Deworming Schedule for My Horse?

Scheduling is almost synonymous with horse care. We have daily feeding schedules, annual vaccination schedules, and regular farrier schedules. But there is one area of horse care scheduling that has experienced changes in recent years—deworming.

Commit to a Healthy Gut

Your horse’s stomach plays a critical role in digestion, but the impacts of gastric health don’t stop at feed utilization. An unhealthy stomach can cause wide-ranging impacts from weight loss to poor performance and irritability.

Recognizing A Pet Emergency

Many pet owners have found themselves in difficult situations in which they know something is wrong with a pet, but the veterinary clinic is closed. How do you know when it’s a true emergency and

An Overweight Horse: No Joking Matter

We horse owners have our ways of laughing things off. “My horse isn’t fat, he’s fluffy.” Or, “My horse is in shape…Round is a shape.” I’ll admit that one of my own geldings has been described as just

Equine Nutrition!

HAY USA Timothy Hay is the most digestible of all hays with a relatively low protein and sugar content. Timothy hay promotes a shiny coat, good digestion, bowel regularity, and healthy weight. It is excellent

Be Smart About How You Introduce Your Horse to Trail Riding

The ideal location for first taking a horse outside is a long dirt road because it gives you plenty of room to move the horse forward and it gives him a straight line to follow.

Professionals Of The Year Announced

The American Quarter Horse Association is proud to announce the 2020 Nutrena Don Burt AQHA Professional Horseman of the Year, Nutrena AQHA Professional Horsewoman of the Year and Most Valuable Professional award winners. AQHA honors

Inaugural Virtual World Open Horse Show

This May brings the Open Horse Show Association’s Inaugural Virtual World Open Horse Show! This unprecedented event brings competitors from across the US and Canada together virtually to compete for awards and the title of

Bid Now on Horses and Saddles – April Internet Auction

“Bidding is now OPEN for the April INTERNET Auction.  Bidding for all sessions will close on April 8th,” announces Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC. “This auction includes Quarter Horses, Appaloosas and Paints as

Special Discount on Entry Fee for April Internet Auction

“Sellers can take advantage of the NEW SPECIAL ENTRY FEE of $99 for the April INTERNET Auction.  Bidding for all sessions will open on April 5th and close on April 8th,” announces Mike Jennings of

The Best Things to do With Kids in Southwest NM

If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy your next family vacation, New Mexico has everything you need! There are so many things to do with kids in Southwest NM, from exploring its beautiful

The 2021-2022 AQHA Executive Committee was elected during the 2021 AQHA Convention in San Antonio

The 2021-2022 American Quarter Horse Association Executive Committee was elected at the 2021 AQHA Convention in San Antonio. Though AQHA operates primarily upon the decisions of its members through the board of directors, the five-person

The 2021 Quarter Horse Congress is on! Futurities & Sweepstakes Information Now Available

Get ready for the 2021 Quarter Horse Congress. We are back, Congress Strong and ready, once again to present the greatest horse show on earth. This highly-anticipated event is the largest single-breed show in the

Entries Still Accepted for the April Internet Auctions

“Entries are being accepted for the April INTERNET Auctions.  Bidding will close on April 6th and 8th,” announces Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC. “The Horse Market Has Remained HOT through the early 2021

The San Diego Film Festival Programming Line-Up

As The San Diego International Film Festival prepares for the 20th Anniversary of the Festival this October, Tonya Mantooth, CEO/Artistic Director announced the launch of MySDFilmFest, the SD Intl Film Festival Channel, ShortsFest and

Tips For Controlling Infection In Your Horses

When you ask most horse owners about controlling infection in their horses they say “Oh you mean do I vaccinate and worm my horses?” Certainly immunization of horses with vaccines to prevent or reduce the

How Horse Owners Should Prep for Vacation

Before heading off on vacation, make sure your horse is prepared for your absence. Taking a vacation with the family always sounds like a great idea, but as a horse owner, the anxiety of leaving

Tax Deductions on Home Equity Loans and HELOCs: What You Can (and Can’t) Write Off

Do you have a home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC)? Homeowners often tap their home equity for some quick cash, using their property as collateral. But before doing so, you need to understand how this

Cleaning Your Horse’s Sheath

Cleaning your male horse’s sheath doesn’t fall into the “favorite tasks” category for most horse owners. It can be stinky, messy, and you’re probably not sure you’re doing it right. Although it doesn’t need to

How to Clean Your Leather Tack

Regular cleaning is an important part of caring for your tack because it will prevent sweat and dirt from building up and causing cracks in the leather. Here, we’ve included our general guidelines for cleaning

Pets Can Have Allergies Too

With spring right around the corner, many of us are bracing ourselves for pesky allergies. Just like people, pets can suffer from allergies, too. While humans tear, cough, and sneeze their way through allergy season,

Ask the Vet: Conditioning for the Riding Season

Question: How can you get a mane to grow quickly? Our new horse has lost a 6-inch strip of mane all the way down to the skin. He has a blanket on 24/7 so we