Horse is Cinchy When Not Worked Consistently

Question: We have a 5-year-old gelding that has been recently gelded. He has been through the Fundamentals groundwork and he did really well. If you ride him for consecutive days, he does not saddle up cinchy.

Rodent Control in the Barn: Roll Up the Welcome Mat!

If all rodents were like Stuart Little, the charming and chatty fictional mouse in E.B. White’s classic children’s novel, we’d have a totally different view of these creatures. Unfortunately, they are not. One thing they

5 Ways to Improve Your Horse Property

Owning a horse farm is a great responsibility that should not be taken lightly. You need to invest your time and money into maintenance and updates to improve your property conditions. Doing so will not only

Caring For A Dog With PTSD

Just as our pets often help their owners through difficult times, animals that have suffered from traumatic events may need extra support. Dr. Lori Teller, an associate professor in the Texas A&M College of Veterinary

Electrolytes for Horses: Just the Basics

Horses rely on sweating to regulate body temperature. Equine sweat is more concentrated with salt (sodium and chloride) than other body fluids. As a result, horses can lose a lot of these electrolytes quickly when

What Should Mare Owners Should Look For In A Horse Breeding Contract?

If you are preparing to breed your mare, as you go through the process of selecting a stallion, here are some elements of breeding contracts in the equine industry to consider. Contracting With the Right

Caring for Foals in Winter

Take care of – but don’t coddle – those early foals. Expert advice for foals born before spring. Horse breeding experts Dr. Joe Carter, D.V.M, of Oklahoma Equine Hospital, and Barbara Helland, owner of Helland

Over 50 Top Horses Sell in January Auctions – Last Call for Entries 

“The January INTERNET Auction is the 53rd year the Jennings Family has produced an auction in January for Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas.  Bidding will open on January 17th and close on January 20th,” announces

Vaughn Zimmerman Becomes NRHA’s Newest Two Million Dollar Owner

When Not Ruf At All won the 2013 National Reining Horse Association Futurity Open Championship, owner Vaughn Zimmerman, of Missouri, was propelled into the elite ranks of NRHA Million Dollar Owners. The success of Not

Reining Horse Foundation Announces Major Scholarship Expansion

The Reining Horse Foundation set a record for fundraising at its major annual gala, Sliders’ Night Out presented by Toyon Ranch on December 1, and announced a significant expansion of its scholarship program benefiting youth

Gunnatrashya’s Record-Breaking Rise to NRHA Six Million Dollar Sire Status

In what might be one of the quickest jumps to the next tier on the National Reining Horse Association’s Million Dollar Sire roster, Gunnatrashya sailed past the Six Million Dollar mark during the NRHA Futurity.

Gunner Becomes National Reining Horse Association’s First $13 Million Sire

For a quarter-century, most everyone has had a favorite Gunner story or special memory. It might be the mighty moves of an astonishing athlete. It could be a joyful recollection of seeing him in the

The Best Horseback Riding for Families in Southwest New Mexico

Escape the ordinary and treat the whole family to a unique adventure in New Mexico. Our stunning region is known for its scenic landscapes and peaceful surroundings. Here, you and your kids will finally ditch

Why You Should Consider Metal Roofing for Your Barn

When you’re building your own custom barn, searching for a prefab model, or even just making some updates to your current structure, there are a lot of building materials for you to choose from. One of

When To Be Concerned About Feline Vomiting

While there are many joys that come with owning a cat, one drawback some owners may be familiar with is the occasional discovery of cat vomit. This aspect of cat ownership may spark concern in

Ask The Vet: Upper Airway Concerns

How can a thoroughbred race horse “scope” perfectly and still have breathing problems?   Answer: There are two possible reasons why a horse may have a “clean” or “perfect” scope reported, and yet be found to

The Cecum: Key to Your Horse’s Digestive Health

Despite the fact that the cecum is one of the most important parts of a horse’s digestive system, most horse owners ignore (or don’t fully understand the functions of) it until their horse shows signs

Proper Equine Dental Care: More Than Just “Floating” Teeth

Whether you’ve had horses for years or you just recently became a horse owner, you’ve likely been told that horses need to have their teeth “floated.” “Floating” refers to smoothing or filing the horse’s teeth to

Is He Lame or Is He Neurologic? (Wobbler Syndrome)

“Your horse may be a Wobbler” is a statement made by the attending veterinarian that very few horse owners want to hear. A “Wobbler” diagnosis produces the same fear of the unknown that the dreaded

Horse Owners Need To Be Watchful For Signs Of Colic

Horse owners need to take steps to ensure colic does not become a problem for their animals as temperatures drop, said Oklahoma State University experts. “Horses need more feed to replace energy loss brought about

Help for a Horse That Drags Her Feet

Question: I have an 8-year-old Quarter Horse mare that barely moves. She is cutting bred and is very athletic, but she drags her hind feet and if I’m not constantly pushing her on, she walks and

Cancer And Large Animals

Cancer is a unique ailment in that it can be found in nearly every species, no matter how small or how large. Luckily, our fight against cancer is as widespread as the disease itself and

First Aid For Horses

At some point horse owners are likely to face an emergency or injury involving wounds and eye problems. It may be hard to tell if it’s a life-threatening situation, but an equine first-aid kit is

Clayton Edsall Joins NRCHA Million Dollar Club

It was a banner year for reined cow horses with multiple milestones crossed, at the 2021 National Reined Cow Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity®, Clayton Edsall became the newest Million Dollar Rider to join the

Kalpowar Quarter Horses Becomes Title Sponsor of NRCHA Celebration of Champions

In a remarkable show of support, Kalpowar Quarter Horses has entered into a five-year agreement with the National Reined Cow Horse Association to become title sponsor for the Celebration of Champions, an event that kicks

Driven to Greatness – Andrea Fappani Becomes NRHA Leading All Time Rider and Crosses $7 Million Milestone

The National Reining Horse Association’s newest All Time Leading Rider, Andrea Fappani, said recently, “My father always felt that if we were going to do something, we were going to do it all the way.

NRCHA Welcomes Dual Smart Rey & Woody Be Tuff to the Million Dollar Sire Club

When the National Reined Cow Horse Association wrapped the 2021 show year, offspring earnings tallied showed that two stallions achieved the earnings milestone to become NRCHA Million Dollar Sires: Dual Smart Rey and Woody Be

Register for the 2022 AQHA Convention

All American Quarter Horse Association members and horse enthusiasts from around the world are invited to attend the 2022 AQHA Convention, which is slated for February 25-28 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in

Tommy Manion holds NCHA and WCHA Hall of Fame titles

Tommy Manion is one of the most versatile and successful horsemen in equine history with a breeding program boasting more than $175 million in offspring earnings. Since the 80’s, Stallions owned by or standing at

What Fixes Are Mandatory After a Home Inspection?

If you’re selling your home, you might wonder if there are common repairs needed after a home inspection. Most buyers, after all, won’t commit to purchasing a place until there’s been a thorough inspection by a home inspector—and rest assured, if