Finishline Fencing

Containing animals that are born to run can be a challenging task.  The options are endless and the costs associated with fencing can be overwhelming.

Finishline Fencing is the best option we have found to meet the criteria of horse owners who demand a fence that is not only safe, but a fence that will look great and not require the nuance of costly maintenance and repair.  Finishline is made from PA6, which is material that is as strong as wire, but unlike wire provides a flex upon harsh impact which greatly reduces the risk of injury to the animals being contained.   This same material does not react to changes in weather, which mean re-tensioning is rarely if ever required.  The flex of Finishline allows your fence to withstand, without breaking, violent winds, trees falling upon it as well as the stress of stray animals attempting to leap your fence.

German engineered, and developed in Kansas City, MO, Finishline is sold and delivered daily to all of North America from Ag-Liner, Inc, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  The staff at Finishline’s home base is knowledgeable and will assist you with installation questions and with the design of your pastures.  They take time to help if you need it, which is great and unexpected bonus!  The best feature of Finishline besides the safety advantage…is the low cost!  Beautiful and long-lasting, safe horse fence at an affordable price is a win/win in every horseman’s view.

To view their complete line of fencing products visit the website at or call 877-625-6100.  When placing an order use code: TXHORSE for free shipping.