Stonewall Equine Rehab and Fitness

Written by Sue Schindler

When your horse needs the best in care, come to Stonewall Equine Rehab and Fitness, “SERF,” for rehabilitation and conditioning.

Located at the reknown Fulton Ranch in Stonewall, Texas, the premier rehabilitation center is second to none.  Top veterinarians recommend SERF for their clients because they offer the most advanced equipment, a skilled and dedicated staff and a safe facility for their horses.

At SERF, Dr. Kurt Harris works directly with clients’ veterinarians, following prescribed custom treatment plans for each individual horse.  Dr. Harris has direct industry success with the highest caliber of horses in cutting, working cow horse, reining, roping and jumping.  The development and management of SERF was a natural extension to apply his 30 years of veterinary medical practice with his passion for equine athletes.  Together with his wife Merle, an avid horsewoman with lifelong equestrian pursuits such as breeding Quarter Horses, racing and ranch versatility, they are dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience at SERF.

With winter just around the corner many owners are faced with environmental factors that prevent them from keeping their horses properly conditioned.  Dr. Harris says, “The best way to injure your horse is to push them beyond the level of their fitness and/or ask them to perform where there are poor ground conditions.”  SERF can be an asset to any training or fitness program, by not missing crucial days of conditioning due to inclement weather.   Riders and trainers can help their horses stay on top of their game through the cold wet winter months by using SERF all-weather programs.

A full slate of therapeutic programs is available at SERF, headlined by the high tech, submerged underwater treadmill system by HydroHorse.  It’s a combination of a treadmill, whirlpool and a swimming pool – all in an oversized, highly effective and safe environment.  The larger size allows for more freedom of movement by the horse, while supporting up to half of the horse’s body weight.  They built a long entrance and exit ramp, giving horses of all sizes more security and safety.  Using this therapy, it aids in healing, strengthening, conditioning and training of all types of horses while avoiding the concussive stress and potential for re-injury of track or arena workouts.

The Nautilus Equine Salt Water Spa at SERF is designed to treat lower leg injuries and disease with both hot and cold saltwater therapies as needed.  The cold saltwater therapy treats and prevents “wear and tear” conditions such as tendon and ligament injuries, inflammation, arthritis and laminitis.  The hot saltwater feature stimulates blood flow and loosens sore/stiff muscles, which helps to decrease the likelihood of injuries common to world class equine athletes.

SERF also provides low frequency ultrasound to treat many equine musculoskeletal conditions.  Low frequency ultrasound stimulates cellular and molecular effects within cells that are centrally involved within the inflammatory and healing process.   It is beneficial in a variety of soft tissue injuries, chronic muscle and bone pathologies.  Ultrasound therapy increases joint mobility, improves tendon and ligament elasticity, and decreases muscular pain and inflammation.

The full stall Vibration Plate therapy at SERF allows the horse to gain the circulatory benefits of the vibration plate therapy without having to be tied or hand-held.  In addition, the facility offers an 8 horse Eurociser, a 5/8th of a mile training track, premium 47 stall barn and beautiful grass pastures.  All amenities at Fulton Ranch are designed with the comfort and well being of the horses at the forefront.

Referring veterinarians, trainers and horse owners are invited to inquire about rehabilitation and fitness conditioning at SERF.  Check out the Facebook page StonewallEquineRehabFacility and visit or contact them directly by calling 830.644.2001.