Mobile Veterinary Practice With Over 35 Years of Combined Experience

Equine Athlete Veterinary Services is a fully-equipped mobile veterinary practice dedicated to helping your equine athlete perform at the highest level possible.

With over 35 years of combined experience, Equine Athlete is set up specifically to accommodate horses that travel throughout the country for competition.

Outfitted with the best diagnostic and therapeutic tools available, the Equine Athlete Veterinary Services team is able to utilize the latest medical and surgical techniques in sports medicine. They are committed to helping horse trainers and owners accomplish their goals with sound advice built on education, experience, and horsemanship. A large part of getting horses back into competition comes after a correct diagnosis is reached and therapeutic plan is initiated. Correct, veterinarian-directed rehabilitation is paramount in successful injury or post-surgical management. Appropriate rest followed by a guided return to exercise, often using adjunct therapies such as underwater treadmill, cold saltwater spa therapy, vibration plates, etc., combined with other supportive and regenerative therapies, is the hallmark of successfully returning to competition.

Equine Athlete has strategically invested in multiple SMART RLT™ (Regenerative Laser Therapy) lasers. Because horses have a slower metabolism than other common family pets, they require a higher power and dosage to repair deeper abnormalities. One of the most significant advantages of this laser technology is not only the power to deliver the required energy, but also a unique wavelength which allows it to be not only therapeutic, but also regenerative. More specifically, this kind of high intensity laser therapy delivers photons (light energy) deep into the tissue, drastically increasing circulation, reducing pain and inflammation while also stimulating an endorphin release, exciting the energy carrier in the cell. In other words, this level of stimulation allows cells to repair themselves up to 50% faster than what is considered normal healing time.

“We have been very impressed with the results we have seen from the SMART RLT™, and it is quickly revolutionizing our treatment protocols for sports medicine conditions in show horses and sport horses” states Ty Wallis, DVM, MS, DACVS.  “From pre-performance conditioning, to treatment of acute conditions, to use as a stand-alone or adjunct regenerative therapy for injuries, and for management for chronic conditions such as suspensory ligament desmitis, we find this treatment modality to be highly beneficial.”

In addition to the SMART RLT™ laser, Equine Athlete Veterinary Services offers shockwave therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, PRP, IRAP, and Stem Cell treatments in conjunction with elective surgical therapies to get your horse back at their peak level of performance for competition.

No matter the modality, Equine Athlete is steadfast in finding the root of the problem your horse is having and coming up with the best treatment and rehabilitation program available to suit your situation and your horse’s needs.