HydroHorse 1, Inc. HydroTherapy With Underwater Treadmill Systems

There’s a new wave catching all over the global equine world: HydroTherapy with underwater treadmill systems from Hydro Horse 1, Inc.

Their submerged treadmill systems are a high tech, engineered combination of a treadmill, whirlpool and swimming pool – all designed to aid in the therapeutic healing, strengthening, conditioning and training of performance horses in  all disciplines.

HydroHorse equipment and products are suitable for all types of business and personal operations, from vet/therapy and rehab equine facilities, to training and breeding barns and ranches, to racetracks and equine fitness centers.  It’s now more affordable than ever to install this state of the art training tool for all equine programs.

HydroHorse offers both in ground and above ground units, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of equine athletes, in a variety of demanding disciplines from Barrels, Cutting and Racing to Jumping, Eventing and Dressage.  Working out on these systems for conditioning and rehab allows the horse to exercise in a controlled environment, using its normal gait and the same muscles it would be using in regular training…without the undue stress or trauma.  The horse is partially buoyant, with 40% or more of the body weight displaced by the water, yet the horse feels safe and “grounded” with simultaneous contact with the treadmill.   Unlike free swimming, which requires up-hill, thrusting movements and all-out flexion to remain above water, exercising in a HydroHorse underwater treadmill system affords controlled workouts with sufficient concussion to promote bone density and encourage muscle development, boost heart and lung capacity, while minimizing injury or stress.

HydroHorse’s systems are made in the U.S.A., and they come standard with Jacuzzi jets for a whirlpool massaging effect.  The In Ground units can be made of fiberglass (to allow for relocation) or concrete, with safe entrance and exit ramps, custom fabricated welded wire side partitions and all new units include advanced digital control systems.  Water Chillers are also now available – these can be retrofitted to existing units or ordered with new units.  HydroHorse also offers installation, service and parts across the country.

See the HydroHorse In Ground, all weather system at “SERF,” Stonewall Equine Rehab Facility in Stonewall, Texas. www.stonewallequinerehab.com

HydroHorse introduced their newest system, the above-ground, Two-Door Hydrociser in 2016.  Get all the benefits of the underwater treadmills with quick and cost effective installation.  Just set the unit on a cement floor, add the external plumbing, pumps, breaker panel and turn it on!  These new Hydrociser units are also available with the added feature of a saltwater chiller and heater unit.  The 5 ton chiller units can cool the water in just a few hours, to aid in the reduction of inflammation.  It also has built-in Jacuzzi jets and a filtration set up which allows the system to clean and reuse its water.

Inquire today by calling 541-798-0110 for details and more information about ordering a HydroHorse underwater treadmill system. Like us on Facebook and visit www.horsetreadmills.com.