New Feedthrough Fly Control for Horses Released to Market

Feedthrough fly control has become popular in recent years with caOle producers due to its ease of use and effecRveness. This spring, JusRFLY® Equine 8-8-8TM Feedthrough Fly Control was approved and released for use in the horse industry. It is quickly becoming popular with horsemen that are wanRng an alternaRve fly control opRon.

“What is most aOracRve to horse owners is that is goes along with something you are already doing for your horse,” said Manuel Vela, Vice-President of Product Development, Champion Animal Health. “When you feed your animal, just add a scoop of JusRFLY® Equine 8-8-8TM on top of the feed. Fly control is done.”

JusRFLY® Equine 8-8-8TM uses insect growth regulator (IGR) technology with a chiRn inhibitor. ChiRn is what forms the exoskeleton in flies. The larvicide enters the horse when they eat the feed that is top dressed with the product. It goes through the digesRve system and becomes acRve in the manure on the ground. Flies lay eggs in the treated manure and as hatched larvae feed on the microbes in the manure, they ingest the larvicide. The life cycle conRnues as they molt into pupae, but when they hatch, they do not have a proper exoskeleton and immediately die.

“This is a very easy, very effecRve fly control program,” says Vela. “We’ve goOen over 90% efficacy in our clinical trials.”

What seems to be most aOracRve to horsemen about JusRFLY® 8-8-8TM is the simplicity of it. In order for fly control programs to be successful, it is a job that requires work and intenRonality. This feedthrough fly control offers an alternaRve to fly spray, fly spray systems, fly predators, baits, and traps.

“The biggest difference between this product and tradiRonal fly control programs, and what makes it so simple, is this controls the next generaRon of flies,” Vela said. “Fly sprays repel flies, baits kill some of them, traps do get them, but you are only gehng 5% of the fly populaRon. When you start using this feedthrough, you get 95% of the fly populaRon and then you don’t need those other means of fly control. Your labor goes way down.”

Champion Animal Health, the maker of JusRFLY® Equine 8-8-8TM, was the first company to use diflubenzuron for fly control in the caOle industry. Originally from Brazil, they brought their JusRFLY® caOle product to the U.S. in 2016. Amer several years of success in the caOle industry, they moved on to assisRng horse owners control flies. The horse product was recently approved for equine late last year.