Tack & Grooming

The SleekEZ Original Grooming Tool not only desheds that winter hair, but it also removes embedded dirt from the hide. Working one area to the next, you will see dirt accumulate on top of the coat with each stroke. It will look like a mini plow came thru and pushed all the dirt from the coat. It’s rather mesmerizing. Next, take a soft brush to the coat and wipe away all that dirt. Viola! You have a dazzling shine and maintained that healthy coat oil that you might have otherwise washed away with bathing. SleekEZ is proudly made in the USA and ships from Montana within 24 hours. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Go to www.sleekez.com to get yours today.

Capital Hatters
Capital Hatters was founded in Stephenville, Texas in 2004 by James Andrae, his wife Kim joining in 2006. Not only does Capital Hatters sell, but manufacture quality custom felt hats. Additional offerings include the largest straw hat selection around, top notch renovations, boot/shoe repair, and high quality splint boots. They provide a unique service to their customers, from ordering a custom hat, to simply cleaning up and re-creasing your old favorite. Capital Hatters, we don’t just wear them, we build them.
www.shopcapitalhatters.com 254.965.5678

Huberd Shoe Grease
Huberd Shoe Grease Company is a small, American owned and operated company that has been making the world’s finest leather care products for over 100 years. Huberd’s legendary leather care products are the gold standard by which generations of ranchers, farmers, outdoorsmen, law enforcement and military personnel seek to waterproof and condition their leather gear. Our products compliment almost all types of leather products. From cowboy boots and harness to dress shoes and bags, Huberd’s products are the proven, time-tested choice of those seeking to waterproof, condition and soften leather goods that are exposed to the most hardworking conditions on earth.
Huberd Shoe Grease Company products are not only hard to find, but hard to make. In this day and age of mass production and automation, Huberd Shoe Grease Company has refused to sacrifice our sweat and scars for the buzz of production technology and the corporate sapping of our hearts. Each can of Huberd’s products that leave the small rural Colorado facility is made by the efforts of a small group of hardworking people who continue to believe that a customer’s word of praise is the real reward.
Our greatest assets are the testimonial results and comparative affordability of such a great product, but you won’t find us on just any store shelf. Huberd Shoe Grease Company won’t compete with the big names in the leather care industry because, like a great whiskey, cigar, or mechanic, too much exposure can ruin a very good thing. Huberd’s time honored commitment to superior craftsmanship, excellent ingredients, and a production process that was designed in 1921 makes Huberd Shoe Grease Company products truly “hand made, second to none”. Our products are designed to thrive in the heart of the American West. www.huberds.com