Tips for Listing Photos That Won’t Give Buyers ‘The Ick’

When listing your house for sale, you want it to look perfect. First impressions are everything, and it all starts not with curb appeal—but with the listing photos. These snaps should be accurate and enticing, spotlighting your home’s best attributes.

When it comes to your listing photos, don’t give buyers “the ick“—that feeling of disgust when you first notice a big turnoff. Here are tips to help your listing photos stand out—in the best way—and move buyers to take the next step and say, “I do.”

Avoid Amateurish Phone Photos

Anyone who has gone house hunting has come across listing photos that could be much better. You know, the ones where the images are so tiny and blurry that you don’t know what you’re looking at.

Don’t Go Overboard With Filters

At the other end of the spectrum are listing photos edited so much they no longer seem real. It’s fine to turn up the brightness and decrease the shadows in a photo to help house hunters see the details of your home better. But applying filters that are too warm or too cool can work against you.

Skip The Wide Angles

Photographing a small room in a way that doesn’t seem claustrophobic can be challenging, and hiring a pro to help can really pay off. Professional real estate photographers have special lenses, lighting tools, and techniques to make your small, dark rooms look bigger and brighter.

Amateur photographers might think they’re nailing the photo using a photo app. However, many apps only serve to create a distorted image.

Turn Up The Light

Before the photo shoot, you want to clean all the windows in your house and open all the curtains and blinds. Some agents advise even removing window screens. The idea is to get as much natural light coming in as possible.

Keep People Out Of The Frame

Before you list your home, your real estate agent will advise you to remove all personal items and leave just enough furniture to suggest what each room can be used for. This sweep includes family photos and collectibles.

The reason? You want prospective buyers to picture themselves in the home. And it should go without saying that you don’t want any people in your photos.

Clean The Place Up

There’s simply no bigger turnoff in listing photos than to see a cluttered or unclean house. Pictures of unmade beds, multiple cars in the driveway, and messy kitchens are a big no-no.

Filth gives everyone the ick.

Put A Lid On It

In that vein, be especially mindful of the state of the bathroom before taking any photos. Homebuyers say dirty grout, broken tiles, peeling caulk, and rust or mineral stains universally give them the ick. Your bathrooms should look like an oasis of calm, with fluffy towels and scented soaps.

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