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Friend & Supporter,

As we approach year-end, Protect The Harvest remains committed to our mission: Inform. Protect. Respond. We confront the challenges against agriculture, animal welfare, and our freedoms from extremist groups and NGOs.

We differentiate between Animal Welfare, which we advocate for, and Animal Extremism, which equates animals with humans, threatening our heritage and future food security. Our work is crucial in combating misinformation and harmful legislative agendas.

This holiday season, we ask for your support. A modest donation of $10 can significantly aid our efforts to protect our way of life and ensure responsible animal welfare. Your contribution is vital in our fight against these challenges.

Please visit our website to donate and learn more. Together, we can safeguard our traditions and secure a prosperous future.
Thank you for your continued support.

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Dr. Mike Siemens
Executive Director
Protect The Harvest


Your donation protects
A Free and Fed America™.

About Protect The Harvest
Created in 2011 to ensure A Free and Fed America™, our mission is to Inform, Protect and Respond. We Inform and Educate Americans about animal rights and environmental extremists, anti-agriculture groups and unelected regulators whose activities threaten our traditions and way of life. We Protectour liberties and lifestyle by supporting food security, agriculture, land and animal ownership and use, hunting and fishing and animal welfare. We Respond to laws, regulations and misinformation that could adversely impact food security, animal welfare, animal ownership, and our rights and limit our freedoms. We use facts, science, subject experts, litigation, communications and other resources to Inform, Protect and Respond.

Protect The Harvest is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) Corporation
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480 Southpoint Circle, Brownsburg, IN 46112
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