Great Southwest Equestrian Center June Recap

Welcome to the June recap for Great Southwest Equestrian Center. This month, we recap the exhilarating June equestrian events that took place at our prestigious venue.
The first week of June we had the thrilling Great Summer Slide Reining Show and the GHHJA Classic Horse Show. Then the renowned Houston Dressage Society Summer Show, who celebrates the elegance, harmony and precision that define the sport of dressage. Great Southwest Equestrian Center also hosted the Greater Houston Miniature Horse Club Summer Celebration Show that same weekend.
Finally, to close us out we had the 2023 MZ Farms LLC/USHJA Emerging Athletes Program (EAP). The EAP Regional Training Session is offered to all rising stars of the equestrian world.

Great Summer Slide
The Great Summer Slide Reining Horse Show lived up to its name, offering a thrilling display of athleticism, precision, and partnership between horse and rider. This event showcased some of the finest horse and rider combinations in the world of reining, captivating audiences and leaving lasting memories for all who attended.
Lenzi Halling and XTRA VOODOO HERMAN took home the top awards in the NRHA 1400 Non Pro, NRHA 1500 Intermediate Non Pro, NRHA 1600 Limited Non Pro, and GSWEC 9003 Ladies Class. She demonstrated perfect accuracy in her maneuver execution. Reining patterns consist of a series of maneuvers including spins, sliding stops, circles, lead changes, and rollbacks.
Brooke Kaiser and SPOOKLESS finished with first place ribbons in the NRHA 1800 Novice Horse Non Pro Level and the NRHA 1850 Novice Horse Non Pro Level 2. Brooke executed a smooth reining ride with fluidity, speed, and control.
Isabella Sobral also took home top awards in NRHA Rookie Level 1 & 2, NRHA 3100 Youth 13 & Under, and NRHA Green Reiner Level 1 & 2.
Steve Archer won first place in the Novice Horse Open and Novice Horse Level 2 & 3.

Houston Dressage Society Summer Show
The Houston Dressage Society Summer Show is an equestrian event dedicated to the sport of dressage. Dressage is a highly skilled form of horseback riding that showcases the horse and riders ability to perform a serious of movements with grace, athleticism, and harmony.
During the Summer Show, riders of different skill levels and age groups participated in a series of dressage classes and competitions. The classes are typically divided into different levels, ranging from introductory levels for novice riders to advanced levels for more experienced and accomplished riders.

Greater Houston Miniature Horse Club Summer Celebration Show
The Greater Houston Miniature Horse Club (GHMHC) is a vibrant and enthusiastic community dedicated to all things miniature horse. Founded with the aim of promoting and celebrating these adorable equines. GHMHC organizes various events and activities throughout the year to bring together miniature horse enthusiast of all ages and backgrounds.
One of the clubs most anticipated gatherings is the annual Greater Houston Miniature Horse Club Summer Celebration Show. This event is a spirited showcase of the incredible talents and beauty of miniature horses. Held at Great Southwest Equestrian Center, this event transforms into a lively spectacle that leaves attendees in awe.
Greater Houston Miniature Horse Club Summer Celebration Show features a wide range of competitions and activities for participants to enjoy. The highlight of the event is the spunky costume parade, where miniature horses dress up with elaborate costumes. The sight of these tiny horses strutting their stuff is sure to bring smiles and laughter to the faces of onlookers.

Emerging Athletes Program
The 2023 MZ Farms LLC/USHJA Emerging Athletes Program (EAP) was held at Great Southwest Equestrian Center over June 19-23, 2023. The EAP Regional Training Session is offered to all rising stars of the equestrian world. EAP is designed to identify, educate, and develop talented young riders in the discipline of show jumping. The program aims to provide young equestrians with the necessary skills, knowledge, and opportunities to excel in their equestrian careers. The program is typically conducted over several days and consists of intensive training sessions, educational workshops, and practical assessments. The program is open to riders of all ages who have shown potential and dedication in the sport of show jumping.
Participants received instruction from Olympian Joe Fargis and stable manager Colleen Reed. These instructors provided valuable insight, guidance, and technical expertise to help the riders improve their riding skills, horse management abilities, and overall horsemanship.
The training sessions in the EAP cover a wide range of topics, including flatwork, gymnastics, course design, equine health and nutrition, and mental preparation for competition. The goal is to develop well-rounded riders who understand the importance of a solid foundation in their riding skills and have a comprehensive understanding of the sport. In addition to the training sessions, the EAP also includes educational workshops and seminars that focus on the topics such as sportsmanship, horsemanship theory, and stable management. These workshops aim to instill important values, knowledge, and practical skills that are essential for success in the equestrian world.
Throughout the program, riders are evaluated based on their performance, attitude, and progress. At the conclusion of the EAP, a select group of riders may be chosen to advance to the next level, which could include further training opportunities, mentorship, and even potential pathways to national and international competitions. The Emerging Athletes Program at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center is highly regarded within the equestrian community for its commitment to developing young talent and fostering a strong foundation in horsemanship. It provides aspiring show jumping riders with the tools and resources they need to pursue their equestrian dreams, while also emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship, and overall horsemanship education.