Classic Equine EQUIPMENT A Tradition of Excellence in Barn Design and Function

In 2023, Classic Equine continues to set the highest standards of excellence in helping their customers create beautiful and functional environments for their beloved equines. Working side by side with barn builders, Classic Equine has been bringing unmatched beauty and top quality barn products and interiors since 1991. Their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship in all of their stabling products has been putting smiles on horse owners all across North America.

Owners looking for first-class barn equipment, from stunning stall doors and flooring to beautiful lighting and tack room organizational products, can find gorgeous and unmatched quality products that their customers will enjoy each and every day! The Classic Equine website has pages and pages of beautiful images showcasing the extraordinary detail and customized options that barn owners love when it comes to creating the perfect horse barn.

Barn builders are always excited to use Classic Equine products! Charlie Kolarik, an Equestrian Facility Architect states: “Over the last 10 years Classic Equine Equipment has contributed to our commercial and private equestrian projects. I recommend Classic Equine Equipment to my clients because they routinely accommodate the diverse designs and budgets of our projects with great attention to the safety, health, and functionality of each product and I have confidence my clients will receive prompt, honest and respectful service before and after the sale.”

“There’s nothing like a Classic!”

Director of Sales Greg Nielsen reports, “2023 is shaping up to be another strong year for the West Coast. With the ever-changing horse market, our team has always been an industry leading and customer focused provider of premium barn equipment. One key way we are able to maintain this is to offer a hands-on approach on key projects by having the feet on the street in specific locations throughout the US.

Coupled with our in-house team, we have a highly skilled sales team member who is strategically located in Texas, Don Wagner. This enhances our ability to better assist with key project designs and in field applications to facilitate making your dream barn become a reality. We have seen an uptick in the market and Texas is looking very strong as far as growth in barn and equestrian facility projects.”

In addition to the extensive website, customers can download their 52-page catalog that features an elegant collection of their signature products: custom horse stall fronts and exterior barn detail, flooring options, and barn components. They are also happy to send out a hard copy of the current catalog to help customers choose products that suit their needs and projects. New for 2023, the Classic Equine team is excited to announce they are putting the final touches on the new product catalog and should have that out sometime later this year! They also regularly update their blog to help their customers stay up on all the latest in horse-keeping in today’s world.

Classic Equine offers free design consultation with their highly qualified and very creative staff with years of top-notch projects to draw from to help customers create the perfect barn that combines safety and functionality with the utmost in luxury. The options in barn design are multi-faceted so the in-house drafting professionals offer their customers a wide variety of impressive and customized barn design options and an extensive list of top-of-the line products. Stall components come with a 3-year limited warranty and in-house powder coating is standard on all products. Whether a project requires special size stall fronts, barn doors, or a completely unique design, Classic Equine Equipment professionals stand ready to accommodate almost every idea or building requirement.

The following are just some of the notable projects that have installed Classic Equine products:
• National Park Mounted Police – Washington, DC
• Texas Tech
• Purdue University Vet Med
• University of Georgia vet
• Budweiser Clydesdales Breeding Center – Booneville, MO
• Stanford University – Equestrian Facilities
• Texas A&M University – Equestrian Facilities
• Baylor University – Equestrian Facilities
• San Antonio Zoo – Custom Facilities
• Purina Mills – Equestrian Facilities
• Clinton Anderson – Belle Center, OH• Nick Skelton – U.K.
Equestrian Team
• Phillip Dutton – U.S. Equestrian Team
• David & Karen O’Connor – U.S. Equestrian Team
• Ainsley Vince – Canadian Equestrian Team
• Evi Strasser – Canadian Equestrian Team
• Lynn Palm – Bessemer, MI & Ocala, FL
• Folgers Stable, Woodside, CA
• Mountain Horse Medical Center, Park City, UT

Valued customers of Classic Equine share their thoughts:

“Highest recommendation, it totally transformed an old, dumpy barn into one I can be proud of without spending $200,000. The doors make so much of a difference.”
-Barbara Allen

“I worked with a lot of vendors and contractors during my barn project and your company worked above and beyond to help me get my project done. I love that your factory is in the USA and I can support United States manufactured products. I mean it when I say I support your company 100%. I want to thank you and your company for all your help during my building process. Building a barn during covid was a challenge, and you and your team really helped me through the process. The quality of your work and your customer service is outstanding. Thank you for making my dream a reality.”
-Jasmin Becker Dressage
Mane Imports, LLC – Petaluma, California

“I had an excellent and professional experience with all the staff at Classic. Even the smallest requests for extra parts were taken care of right away. The quality of the barn and stall doors are solid. The round pen survived a wind burst and is still standing holding up fine. I know that the purchase we made will last for many, many years to come.”
– Michelle Payne

“The staff, customers, and horses are thrilled with the new stalls. Classic Equine Equipment was a joy to do business with, start to finish. The stalls are not only aesthetically attractive, they are highly functional and maintenance free.”
-Jennifer Tomerdahl

Classic Equine was founded in 1991 on a love for horses and a commitment to their ultimate care and safety. Though a lot has changed since then, their mission remains the same: “To provide quality stall systems, barn components, and accessories to meet the needs of all horse owners.”

“We will go to great lengths to make sure our passion for quality and love for horses shows in the details of the products we produce – smoother edges that prevent scratches or scrapes; narrower spacing between grills to ensure smaller hooves will not get caught; galvanized hand-welded steel frames that can endure all the punishment and abuse your horse can throw at them and keep on shining.”

Classic Equine promises to work closely with you and your architect or builder, “We can help create an environment that you’ll be proud of – one that is stylish, that will allow you to care for your horses in an intuitive way, and that gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your horses are protected by the finest equipment available. We are confident that your research will lead you to the conclusion echoed by so many others!”

“There’s nothing like a Classic!”

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