Tack & Grooming

Saddler’s® Preservative
Developed 9 generations ago as a protector for leather that was used in all weather – hot, cold, wet and dry, Saddler’s® Preservative softens leather quickly and gives it a non-damaging protective coat. On new leather, Saddler’s® Preservative gives leather added protection against stains and weather; on used leather, it will make the leather supple so it will not crack when flexed. Leather is an investment, use Saddler’s® Preservative for longer living leather. Available in 3 sizes- 4oz., 8oz., and 16oz. 800/627-2807 www.jmsaddler.com

The Bitless Bridle
Deluxe western leather headstalls are made in our workroom out of the same high quality USA bridle leather as our standard western leather bridles (Wickett & Craig of America). This bridle is complimented with the Horse Shoe brand stainless steel hardware ( designed by Jeremiah Watt). The square center bar buckle has recently been redesigned to fit closer to the horses head. Hardware is a floral pattern polished stainless steel with contrasting black accents for a rich look. If you want a dressed up version of our western leather headstall this is it. Matching reins are sold separately. Available in the following colors, Med. Brown, Black, English Tan. Available in Medium (Average Horse) – Small (Arabs and Ponies) – Large (Warmbloods and larger Thoroughbreds). For more information call 877-942-4277 or visit www.bitlessbridle.com

The SleekEZ Original Grooming Tool not only desheds that winter hair, but it also removes embedded dirt from the hide. Working one area to the next, you will see dirt accumulate on top of the coat with each stroke. It will look like a mini plow came thru and pushed all the dirt from the coat. It’s rather mesmerizing. Next, take a soft brush to the coat and wipe away all that dirt. Viola! You have a dazzling shine and maintained that healthy coat oil that you might have otherwise washed away with bathing. SleekEZ is proudly made in the USA and ships from Montana within 24 hours. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Go to www.sleekez.com to get yours today.

Saddle Boss
The Ultimate Saddle Rack
Saddle Boss of Burnsville, Minnesota, offers premium saddle racks for your horse trailer, tack room or barn. Our saddle rack can hold a western saddle better than any other rack on the market, and is also built to hold English saddles, blankets and accessories. Made from high-impact, injection molded polypropylene. Free shipping in the Continental USA. Proudly made in the USA. For more information or to purchase visit www.saddleboss.com

Hilltop Tack Supply
Hilltop Tack Supply was established in 2005. They started out making quality western strap goods for the working cowboy. Their line has grown considerably since then where they now make tack for the show ring as well as a full line of halters. Hilltop Tack makes a line of nylon halters in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Their line of leather halters come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any horse’s needs. The leather padded halters come in a variety of padding colors including red, purple, pink, black, blue, serape and cheetah. This halter line is a great hit in the equine market. Hilltop Tack supply has a great team of Amish craftsman that take pride in every detail of their products. All of their products are made in their shop situated between the picturesque Appalachian Mountains in the heart of Pennsylvania. Hilltop Tack invites you to check out their full line of products at www.hilltoptacksupply.net. If you want to become a dealer or find a dealer near you, chat about a new idea you may have or to just talk about horses give them a call at 814-349-4479.