Martin Collins Knows Footing

Glynnie Walford CEO of Martin Collins USA LLC the global equestrian footing company has an affinity for cutting horses and competes in the ever-growing sport of Western Dressage. Her horses have all come from a cutting background and she likes working with them because she says they are athletic, have good brains and all have a job working on the ranch.

In Western dressage, horses are ridden in Western tack but follow the principals of dressage. Horses are evaluated at introductory levels at the walk, jog and lope. More challenging maneuvers, such as lead changes and pirouettes, are added as the horse advances up the levels of Western dressage competition.

One of her most successful young horses is Tapt Outta Cash (aka Rio) who was bred and initially trained in cutting by EquiStat Elite $9 Million Rider, Phil Rapp. The red roan son of EquiStat Elite $49 Million Sire and National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity Open Champion, Metallic Cat quickly showed his aptitude for his new Western Dressage career, winning the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) World Show Basic/Junior Amateur Western Dressage in 2021. He also finished as a Reserve World Champion at the Western Dressage World Championship Show and won the Amateur High-Point with an 82.17% score.

In 2022 he took the Level 1 World Championship at AQHA World Dressage Championship Show in OKC with a score of over 75%.   He also finished as Reserve World Champion at the Western Dressage show at both Basic and Level 1 and again won the Amateur High-Point with a score of 78.26%.   In the AQHA Nationwide rankings he finished 2nd at Level 1.

Tapt Outta Cash earned $2,471 in cutting classes before Walford’s partner, Ronnie Shelby, purchased him. The couple splits their time between ranches in Tennessee and Texas where they breed Red and Black Angus cattle. The Metallic Cat gelding is out of top-producing broodmare Tapt Twice (by Dual Pep), whose offspring have earned more than $1.6 million, and includes one of cutting’s all-time great mares, Dont Look Twice.

Glynnie also competed cutting-bred Bonita Lights (CD Lights x Shortys Bonita Lena x Shorty Lena). This 15-year-old mare was born on Valentine’s Day, earning the barn name “Val.” In total, the pair have claimed four World titles at four different levels and have earned the bronze, silver, and gold medals through the Western Dressage Association of America. The 14-hand mare has also earned enough points to receive Supreme Horse recognition.

Glynnie was born in the UK and trained with classical dressage trainers over there before taking up citizenship in the US. She credits Chris Cox with getting her started on horsemanship fundamentals which helped her on her Western dressage journey. She continues to work with him on a regular basis.

“it is imperative that any horse has a trainable temperament for dressage. They need to be athletic and balanced and enjoy learning. I also think that they need to get confidence from not just the rider but the environment they are working in. Surfaces play a big part in this as a horse won’t feel confident to extend its stride length or collect if it doesn’t have surety in its footing.

For many years I have advised riders in all disciplines on the type of surface they should consider as each discipline can require a different level of depth, firmness, spring, etc. A synthetic surface is ideally giving a horse the feeling of a good turf structure. The hoof can get purchase to push and the supportive fibres reduce shock and pressure on the joints and soft tissues. The addition of wax, in varying quantities depending on the discipline/environment, offers an extended lifespan for a synthetic surface. It also ensures it is more resistant to winter temperatures for those in colder climates and reduces dust in indoor facilities which in turn gives a much healthier training environment for the sports horse.”

“I always work with a client to ensure they have the best surface they can afford and help them with advice for the groundworks and base, which are very important. It’s not worth putting a fabulous surface on an unprepared ground. Drainage and environmental factors are always top of my list! And then once you have a surface you need to maintain it correctly to ensure it will last for many years to come.”

“All our footings are made from specially sourced silica sand and our unique clean fibers called CLOPF®.  CLOPF® can be added to an existing sand footing to enhance it, or as a new footing installation.   We also offer our waxed coated footing, MC Ecotrack® which is the preferred footing for top level show centers, professional dressage, eventing and show jumping riders worldwide It helps with those environments where irrigation is not readily accessible.

We manufacture our own range of maintenance equipment that helps owners look after their footing to keep them ‘groomed and level’ not ‘dragged’ as this displaces the footing.  The Arena Master is made in varying widths to suit the size and HP of the client’s tractor.

Whatever the surface you choose you need to keep it free from contaminants such as manure and leaves as they reduce the lifespan of an arena by breaking down the fibres and wax content. “

For anyone considering investing in their own arena to begin a career in Western Dressage Martin Collins LLC can help them choose the correct footing. “As CEO with vast experience in horses myself, I know what will work and it doesn’t have to cost the earth!”

For more information about Martin Collins footings contact or call Glynnie Walford on. +1 (859) 321-3751