What is CBD Oil and Why Would it Benefit My Horse?

The use of CBD oil in horses, mules and donkey’s is on the rise. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant which means that it will not make your horse high or alter your horses. When CBD enters the body, its effects are mitigated by the endocannabinoid system, a physiological system that occurs naturally in all mammals. All mammals have CBD-1 and CBD-2 receptors. CBD-1 is neurological and in humans helps with anxiety and headaches. CBD-2 receptors are related to the rest of the body and triggers the areas that need attention. We now believe that once CBD oil is introduced into the body, it tells the persons’ or horses’ own CBD receptors to kick into high gear and release more of their own natural CBD.

CBD Oil has been shown to help with pain management including arthritis, promotes faster healing, anxiety, helps with stall rest, and inflammation.

Is CBD oil a calming supplement? We don’t feel that it is. We believe that if your horse is free of pain and feeling better, their anxiety will lessen, and they will want to go out and perform at a higher level.

When purchasing CBD, always buy from a reputable company. The Certificates of Analysis lab reports should be listed on the company website and will show that the company is following the guidelines of the Farm Bill.

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