Barns & Accessories

Castlebrook Barns
From its inception, Castlebrook Barns has been a symbol of excellence in the horse barn industry. At Castlebrook we understand that the safety and comfort of your horses is of the utmost importance. As leaders in the horse barn manufacturing industry, we utilize the highest quality materials and the latest technology to create the best barn available. For those looking for a barn that is both exceptional and stylish a horse barn from CastleBrook Barns is exactly what you have been looking for. Our sturdy steel frame construction combined with the beauty of wood a horse barn from Castlebrook Barns will be admired for many years to come. We proudly offer a lifetime structural guarantee on all our barns. We look forward to building the barn of your dreams and having you join an elite group of satisfied customers who proudly house their horses in a Castlebrook Barn.


Classic Equine
We consider ourselves “Solution Providers” rather than simply someone to sell you horse stall equipment. Our goal is to understand how you care for your horses, then help you choose the proper components to suit your needs. Our process involves working directly with you and your team (designer, architect, builder, and/or trainer) to help ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. For 30 years we have tackled every possible scenario, from small home based barns, historical renovations, large commercial barns, and state of the art “Dream Barns”. Your project, big or small, will be handled with same attention to detail and care as the next.
We manufacture all our steel fabricated product in our factory in Missouri. Your horse stalls and barn doors will be backed with our industries best warranty as we very proudly stand behind the product we manufacture!

Hoskins Mfg Co.
Hoskins Mfg Co has the right waterer for your specific application. We have been building waterers since 1966 for all types of livestock all over the United States, as well as Canada. They are built tough, with 16 gauge galvanized metal frames, and stainless steel tanks for easy cleaning. They are insulated, energy efficient, have easily accessible service doors, and easy to install. You will find that, not only do we have a very durable product, but also a very cost effective waterer that will save you many dollars. Remember – water is your cheapest feed and we have the product that will give your livestock all the water they need. Call us today with any questions at 402-565-4420.

Rainbow Livestock Waterers
Rainbow Horse and Livestock Waterers are reliable, easy to install, easy to clean and easy to maintain! A perfect option for your stall, paddock or pasture. Connects to any water supply system and mounted to any structure by bolt connection. There are no sharp edges to injure your animals; all materials are FDA approved and non-toxic for water consumption. Made in the USA and built of top quality materials. Provides years of reliable trouble-free service, all while supplying your animals with a continuous supply of fresh, clean water. Rainbow Horse and Livestock Waterers also offer heated waterers. For questions or more information visit their website or call 760-728-4241.

Deer Creek Structures
For those who own horses, they know that a great addition to any ranch or large property is a horse barn, run-in shed or cabin. Texas built horse barns and structures from Deer Creek Structures, a family owned and operated business that started in 2005, are the perfect addition to any property. Made in the heart of Texas, these quality horse shelters and run in sheds are perfect for all types of horses and livestock. They will allow your animals to be in a safe secure place when they need to be. Our run in sheds come in 3 standard sizes. We also offer 3 standard sizes of cabins that make great spaces for humans. Our shedrow barns come in 2 standard sizes and we offer aisle barns. Any of our structures can be customized by choosing available add on options or we can build to desire specifications. Click the prefab structure below that suits your needs to learn more about our sizes and customizations offered.

Bar-Bar A
Bar-Bar-A does not use electricity or have stale standing water with algae. By pushing on the paddle the animal receives and drinks water. After finishing drinking the remaining water drains back into the ground leaving an empty bowl. This means that there is no water left behind to freeze in the winter, get hot in the summer, and grow algae or mosquito eggs. With no mosquito attraction, West Nile Virus and Zika Virus can be limited and the standing water which becomes the breeding ground for rodents, birds, disease is not an issue. In the summer the water comes up cooler and in the winter it is warmer because the water in the waterline is buried in the ground. Clean water at the right temperature is pleasing for animals to drink. This means more water consumption and results in healthier animals. Bar-Bar-A Drinkers are easy to install, low maintenance and easy for the animals to learn to use. For more information please visit the website