Barn Safety Tips

Whether you have worked on a farm for years or are just getting started, safety should always be your top priority. Taking the necessary precautions will ensure that both humans and animals on the farm will remain safe and healthy.

Here are a few barn safety tips that should never be overlooked!

Keep First Aid Kits Handy

Stocking your barn with first aid supplies is essential in case of emergencies or minor injuries. This is especially important if you live far away from a hospital or any other type of healthcare center. Whether someone gets hurt riding a horse or there is an accident around the barn, having some basic first aid equipment nearby can go a long way towards keeping people and the animals safe.

Check Your Electric

We don’t often think about the electricity used in our barns until something stops working. To prevent electrical risks, ensure that all outlets and switches are recessed with protective covers to keep dust out. If you have conventional light bulbs or light strips, keep cages over them for protection. Make sure that all wiring is covered by metal and not by PVC tubing, as small animals and birds can destroy the tubing and begin to chew on wires.

Keep Barn Aisles Clear

Rakes, pitchforks, grooming boxes, wheelbarrows, or halters left out in the barn aisle way can easily be tripped over by humans or cause accidents for horses. Be sure to clean up after yourself and keep your aisle way and doorways tidy to prevent injuries.

Make Needed Repairs

If you notice a loose board, a faulty latch, a protruding nail, or any other potential safety hazard, act on it quickly rather than waiting for it to become a larger issue. Even if the repair seems like it could be overlooked, it could easily turn into a dangerous situation.

Courtesy of Deer Creek Structures