An Update on Cutting at the 2022 All American Quarter Horse Congress

Cutting has been an integral part of the All American Quarter Horse Congress since its inception in 1967. In the beginning, the Congress began as a long weekend show and has grown to span over four weekends in the fall. Since the demands of producing a quality cutting requires so much more time and space than other quarter horse classes, it was decided this year to move it to a nearby location where space and time were not an issue. This move will be more user friendly to the cutters and will allow the cutting to grow at its own pace in the future.

The Champions Center in Springfield, Ohio will now host The Congress Cutting. The event will take place October 5-9, 2022. The Ohio Quarter Horse Association who produces the Congress will remain a sponsor for added money and continues to provide their prestigious awards for all classes as they have done in the past.

Chuck Smith, a lifetime OQHA Director and a past NCHA President and Hall of Fame member will continue to produce and direct the cutting as he has done for the last 29 years. Smith says, “Moving the Congress cutting to Springfield will allow the cutting to grow at its own pace into the future. The cutting will continue to remain a cornerstone of the Congress mission which is to showcase the outstanding versatility of the Quarter Horse.”

Spectators and contestants at the cutting will be less than an hour drive to the original home of the Congress which is held at the Ohio Expo Center. They will have plenty of time to visit and shop at the trade show and also enjoy the traditional Congress experience.

Smith has been involved in the Congress since it began. He is proud to have been part of its phenomenal growth. He believes this move into a venue that better facilitates cutting is a step in the right direction for all and will help the Congress continue to be the biggest and best horse show in the world.

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Chuck Smith