Why You Should Consider Metal Roofing for Your Barn

When you’re building your own custom barn, searching for a prefab model, or even just making some updates to your current structure, there are a lot of building materials for you to choose from. One of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to these materials is what to use for your roof. Although it may not be the first to come to mind, in recent years, metal has become a more and more popular option.

So, why are people opting for metal panels over other materials for the roof of their barn?


On average, metal roofing panels last three to four times longer than other common types of barn roofing, such as asphalt. Metal doesn’t deteriorate in the sun or as it ages and many of the coatings used nowadays can prevent rusting for years, so once it’s installed a metal roof probably won’t need to be replaced for several decades—possibly not even at all in your lifetime! Even the paint for metal roofing typically comes with a 40-50-year warranty.


The biggest reason metal barn roofing lasts so long? It’s incredibly durable, able to easily withstand different types of damage from the elements. Metal roofs can handle heavy winds, hail, and snowfall and are not susceptible to termites or insects that can damage other roofing materials. They’re also fire resistant, which is an especially desirable quality for barn structures.


Because they’re so durable, metal roofs hardly ever require repairs over their long lifespan. Once the panels are installed, you won’t need to worry about them for decades. As we mentioned, even the paint comes with a warranty, so it can quickly and easily be touched up by a professional if it’s looking shabby. A metal roof for your barn will save you time and money in repairs, replacement, and maintenance in general.


Unlike most other materials used in barn roofing, metal reflects heat, rather than absorbing it. This will help keep the heat from getting into your barn in the summer and out of it in the winter. It is important to make sure, however, that your metal roof is built with insulation, so that your barn doesn’t overheat. Using a Low-E insulation with a radiant barrier is a good option for keeping the barn cooler in the summer. We use this type of insulation at Deer Creek Structures to help reduce noise that may scare your horses, and to act as a radiant and vapor barrier.


Metal roofing is recyclable, which means after it has served its time on your barn, you can put it back into the environment and lessen your impact. A lot of manufacturers even sell panels made from recycled metal. Additionally, metal roofing is excellent for harvesting rainwater. You can make use of the collected water for livestock to conserve your own water supply or position the panels so that they reduce or redirect runoff.

Customizable Design

Metal panels are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes. It will be easy to match your metal barn roof to your house or other existing outdoor structures and maintain a cohesive look for your property. Metal can be versatile, creating a clean modern look or something more traditional depending on the design features you choose.

Courtesy of Deer Creek Structures