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Standing Equine Leg CT: The Journey Continues
Fast 3D imaging for use in the evaluation of everyday lameness cases

Our system uses a novel dual-concentric ring design which enables the detector plate to remain very close to the region of interest, thereby improving image quality. Using slCT provides equine practices with access to fast 3D imaging in the evaluation of their everyday lameness cases.

In addition, Hallmarq is one of the few companies to incorporate motion correction technology to better ensure high quality, clear images in the standing patient. What’s more, with the horse handler in the room during scanning, and the low, flat platform ensuring easy entry and exit, patient safety is assured at all times. And, of course, our systems come with Q-Care support throughout the lifecycle of your program.
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Bringing Small Animal Neurologists Together During the Pandemic
Hallmarq Hosts First Virtual Small Animal 1.5T MRI Clinical User Meeting

The first ever virtual Clinical User Meeting for veterinarians working with our small animal system was a strong step towards achieving a true ‘two-way street’ of communication for those attending.

The meeting was held for our customers at the end of March as part of our ongoing Q-Care program and was hosted by a global, cross-functional Hallmarq team spanning multiple time zones.
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Customer Collaboration Increases Accessibility of Hallmarq’s Standing Equine MRI in France

Hallmarq has recently installed a Standing Equine MRI (sMRI) system at Clinique Vétérinaire du Moulin in Truchtersheim, France. Collaboration amongst Hallmarq customers made the installation possible. Click here to learn more.

How to Choose the Right Small Animal Advanced Imaging Business Partner

Demand for 1.5T MRIs and veterinary imaging services is growing rapidly. It’s critical you choose a reliable business partner to support your imaging services. Here’s what to look for as you evaluate options for your small animal imaging business partner. Click here to learn more.