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Whether you manage a professional arena or ride in your backyard, the Reveal 4-N-1 will help you achieve the best footing for you and your horse. Keep riding through the tough weather conditions with the help of the Reveal 4-N-1. The Reveal 4-N-1 is the ultimate arena and ground prep tool, hydraulically designed to make ground preparation and maintenance easier and less time consuming. A rugged hard working tool that easily attaches to your tractor and is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for day-to-day operations. The Regular model Reveal 4-N-1 is easy to handle with most mid- sized tractors and our Heavyweight model is for larger HP tractors. A Wheel Model and the Ultimate 4-N-1 Laser Model, with an automated control system, are available upon request. The Reveal 4-n-1 is endorsed by the ANHA and is the official tool of the NBHA. Please call for a free brochure, 937-444-2609 or visit: for more information.

VersiGridâ„¢ has unlimited potential in the Ag/Farm/Equine industry. Our permeable paving grid system is your solution to superior drainage for paddocks, stalls, arenas, and more! VERY easy to install. Great product for the DIY go-getter! American Made! Our products come with the ONLY lifetime Warranty in the industry! Sustainable mud management for pastures, gate areas, turnouts, stables, paddocks, load-outs, pathways, trails, high-foot traffic areas, dog kennels, cattle pens, round pens, and more! VersiGrid can be filled with your choice of grass ready topsoil, clean/washed gravel, or sand depending on your project’s needs. We recommend a clean crushed 3/4″ gravel for the base structure, 1/2″ clean/washed gravel for the grid fill, then 2″ to 4″ of sand on top for a footing layer. Permeable mud management grid systems have been used for decades in equestrian facilities around the world. Proven to reduce the risk of injury all while lowering the environmental impact of your land! Reach out to us directly and we can make specific detailed recommendations for your project. VersiGrid will keep your boots clean, animals mud-free, and happy! “No more mud, ever!â„¢”For more information or to claim your discount contact

Micro Rain
Arena Dust Control Products for horse arenas helps both horses and riders to enjoy riding in a horse arena that is free from dust. Dust can cause allergies, coughing and discomfort. Products that control dust while you are riding your horse will enhance both the horse’s performance- and yours! Make sure you keep your horse arena free from the irritation and health hazard that dust creates… using water, sprinklers, or moisture control products helps to keep dust down. Traveling sprinklers, and dust control treatments are options that horse owners have at their disposal. Information on dust control products for your horse arena is here! 800-373-9325

Parma Company is the leading manufacturer of specialized agricultural equipment for farming and livestock industries. The company prides themselves on fine workmanship, in-house engineering and excellent customer service. Their slogan is “Bringing you our best through 100 years of Quality, Service, and Innovation; helping our customers do it better!”Parma offers multiple sizes of arena groomers to fit your arena and groom any footing, including fiber or synthetic. Check them out online to find your groomer, from mini to professional. They also carry everyday arena groomer parts in stock and ready to ship. Now is a great time to order your arena groomer and ask about the new spring tine conversion kit. Order online at or call 208-722-5116