TQHA is Asking for Your Support

The Texas Quarter Horse Association has a long history of representing our industry among state leaders who make decisions that have a major effect on your businesses, hobbies and sports. The work we do wouldn’t be possible without member support.

TQHA is asking for your support of an initiative to strengthen our breed association and the entire horse industry in our state by making a contribution to the TQHA PAC. There are great opportunities on the horizon for the horse industry and we must do everything possible to keep the positive momentum going for our horse business and interests.

Donations to the TQHA PAC directly support these efforts and candidates around the state who will stand up for Texas horse-related businesses and events. As we head into the general election this fall, this is the time to come together to create a stronger Texas horse industry.

Your contribution to the TQHA PAC is one of the most important and powerful ways for you to invest back into the horse industry. Success this next legislative session for our industry depends on each of us playing a part – Please consider making a PAC contribution today. There is strength in numbers and every contribution, no matter the amount helps.

With your support we will strengthen our Texas businesses and horse disciplines, making a bright future for the horse industry in Texas.
THANK YOU!! Texas Quarter Horse Association www.tqha.com 512-458-5202