“New Year Celebration” Postpones January 2021 Show in Paso Robles, CA

Paso Robles Event Center is Unable to Approve Upcoming Events
Due to California’s response to the Covid crisis, the Paso Robles Event Center has been unable to hold events since March 2020. With no upcoming events approved (as of September, 2020), the “New Year Celebration” Quarter Horse Circuit planned for January 2021 was postponed. The PCQHA board determined that since the Paso Robles Event Center is unsure when events will be allowed to proceed, they needed to give exhibitors advance notice of the change. PCQHA directors’ struggled with this decision, and are working on alternative show decisions for 2021. The Celebration and EMO Western States Championship, held at the South Point Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada is confirmed for July 1-11, 2021

In addition, the lack of 2020 PCQHA shows impacted our PCQHA Annual Awards program. Since a number of our shows were cancelled, this forced directors to make changes. As announced in June 2020, PCQHA shows will be combined with the 2021 show year to come together for one very special PCQHA awards year,” said Cathy Hanson, PCQHA director. She added that other additions and changes to the program will be announced in the near future.