WDAA World Championship Show – IMPORTANT UPDATES

This has been a weird year. We have all given up many freedoms in order to protect our fellow man. Sacrifice is hard and horses have made it tolerable. Looking forward to the 2020 Western Dressage World Show has been like a piece of sunshine. Maybe, that’s why this is the hardest announcement I have ever had to send to you. Please keep reading after the next sentence.

Due to the ongoing threat to your health and considering the feasibility of hosting a spectacular event in a safe way, the WDAA Board of Directors voted to cancel the 2020 WDAA Western Dressage World Championship Horse Show. This is a decision that devastated the Board to make. We are heart-broken that we will not get to experience the show with you at the Lazy E in October. However, it would hurt us more if one of you were to perish from a virus contracted at our show. Please, keep reading…

WDAA has extended its contract with the Lazy E for an additional year. We are committed to making the live 2021 WDAA World Show so amazing that it will be worth the wait. Please read at least one more paragraph.

As a consolation and definitely not as a replacement for World Shows after this year, the Board voted for WDAA to host an online 2020 World Championship Show in October. Board members have had time to consider and digest this idea. It definitely takes some getting used to. However, we know in our hearts we are best serving you by offering a little sunshine as opposed to total darkness. All the amazing prizes you have become accustomed to winning at the World Show will be awarded for the online show. We hope you will consider the many positive opportunities the online show will offer this year. We know it’s not as good as a live show, but this year is not like other years.

Tough times call for tough decisions and I am grateful to all the WDAA Board Members who have considered many options and come up with a workable solution for our organization, for now. Thank you all for understanding. WDAA will be releasing information regarding the 2020 WDAA Western Dressage Online World Championship Show soon.

Cindy Butler, Your President Western Dressage Association of America