2020 Purina Horse of the Year Presented by AQHA

Purina, the American Quarter Horse Association and the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association are looking for the outstanding registered American Quarter Horse in each of the PRCA’s timed-event categories and WPRA’s barrel racing category. The owner of the Purina “Horses of the Year” in each category will be awarded $5,000 and an AQHA bronze trophy. Second place will receive $3,000, and third place will receive $2,000.

To nominate the registered American Quarter Horse (your own or someone else’s) that you feel has excelled in the ProRodeo arena during 2020, please fill out the form below, and e-mail to:
Shelly Spears at AQHA SSpears@aqha.org.
You can also mail by Sept. 28, 2020 or earlier (NO EXCEPTIONS) to:
AQHA Shelly Spears PO Box 200 Amarillo, TX 79168

2020 Horse of the Year Nomination Form