Pinecone Shavings

For over 85 years, the sister company, Snider Industries, has been making the finest quality one-inch Southern Yellow Pine lumber available in the market. So, when the opportunity presented itself about 18 years ago, it was a natural decision for the Snider family to begin selling the product shavings to a 3rd party for use in the horse bedding market. As the family purchased other branded shavings bales in locations around the country, they found the prices to be exorbitant and the quality lacking and inconsistent. It was a desire for a higher quality and a more economical option that drove the birth of Pinecone Shavings.

This native Texas family is also astute in equestrian care and management across the country. Having owned and showed in multiple disciplines, both English and Western, the family has participated in Equestrian Sports for over 35 years. Pinecone Shavings is not simply manufacturing and selling a product, the company is living the business mantra. Even the younger generations have achieved success at the national level in their own equestrian endeavors. There is a clear understanding and appreciation of the need for clean product naturally processed with no outside material from other manufacturing, no hog material or dust. This is all made possible for Pinecone Shavings by a triple-screening process that guarantees absorbent, dust-free single-source pine shavings for an animal-friendly bedding environment.

Pinecone Shavings is now being distributed in truckload quantities to nation-wide retailers through Aden Brook.

Texas Made with Superior Quality is the promise for a quality product that is one of the most ultra- absorbent and sanitary shaving products on the market. The shaving products are packaged at a brand new state-of-the-art facility and come in 4.0 CF and 8.0 CF of usable volume, resulting in more weight per bag for longer-lasting use and absorbency. The company prides itself on superior pallet wrapping that helps retailers protect the product when stored outside. The small size finer flake is easy to sift and creates less waste, while the medium flake makes for fuller bedding with maximum cushioning needed for large farm animals and horses, and lower measurable use. Both products produce no dust for happier animals; a product you can trust. Visit to request a quote or visit for more information.

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