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Scratch N All – TNTticks
Scratch Me Silly is a tool that is used in Therapeutic Horsemanship Facilities. It helps to build confidence and courage, and promotes independence in our veterans who are suffering with PTSD. It works equally well with physically challenged individuals. Due to its ergonomic design, it makes an easy job of scratching the belly, safely applying medication, and cleaning crusty pasterns – a fabulous tool for those who are unable to bend over as easily as they could in their former years. Simply hang it on a nail in your barn so it’s there as a first-aid tool in cases of abdominal colic. After the vet has been called, begin scratching all areas of the belly until motility has been restored. And protect your horse from bug bites. Pour a tablespoon of TNTticks on one end of a Scratch Me Silly and massage it through the hair to the skin. Made with environmentally friendly FDA approved ingredients, it’s for animals (and people) of any age. TNTticks is acclaimed by trainers, farriers, mounted police, holistic vets, and animal lovers like you. Scratch Me Silly is veterinarian and farrier endorsed and can be used to calm the uneasy horse. All products are Made in USA. For more information please visit the websites at or

MagnaWave uses the latest Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to keep your equine partners healthy and feeling great. Our devices work at a cellular level to help reduce inflammation, muscle soreness, and increase circulation throughout the body. The pulse can travel up to 16 inches into the body penetrating the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones to provide a healthy environment for cells and tissues to prosper. We know that horses are accident prone and it is never fun to show up at the barn to find a lame or injured horse. With the help of MagnaWave, you can promote the recovery process by reducing the surrounding inflammation and increasing circulation to the area of concern. Our devices are safe, non-invasive, and have no harmful side effects. At MagnaWave, we have developed devices and attachments specifically designed for ease of use around the horse and at the barn. Our attachments are great for the hooves, hocks, knees, shoulders, topline, and much more! If you would like more information on how we can help your horse, visit or you can talk to our team at 833-MagnaWave (642-6292).

Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic
Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic (VCRC) is located in Houston, Texas south of the NRG Stadium and the Medical Center. The clinic is a large and small animal practice, offering veterinary chiropractic, acupuncture and rehabilitation services for horses, dogs and cats. VCRC provides a variety of services including veterinary chiropractic, traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and Chinese herbal supplements), nutritional counseling, cold LASER therapy, Rehabilitation therapies, underwater treadmill, neuromuscular stimulation, TheraPlate (vibration plate), Young Living Essential Oils and Raindrop Technique. One unique aspect of VCRC is their use of veterinary chiropractic and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM). Drug free chiropractic, TCVM and western veterinary medicine work well together as a holistic approach to preventative and maintenance health care for all animals. In addition to these unique treatments, VCRC uses Ferno Aquapaws and AquaPacer Underwater Treadmills for conditioning and rehabilitation of dogs and horses. Workouts are tailored thru water level, speed and time. This allows for quicker rehabilitation and quicker return to regular activities. VCRC also uses TheraPlate Vibration Technology that is proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain, aid in the prevention of injury and speed the recovery of equine athletes from lameness, cellulitis, tendonitis, pre- and post-operative care, bowed tendons and more. For more information regarding VCRC treatments please call 713-991-9500 or visit

MRI has for long been the imaging method of choice in human medicine, making it the gold standard for diagnosing pathology. Hallmarq’s Standing Equine MRI system brings the same diagnostic capability to equine clinical practice, with the equine patient at the forefront of every design decision. More often than not, the outcome of a conventional lameness work-up is a horse that blocks to a certain region but has no visible changes on X-ray or ultrasound. Response to treatment may be the only way to confirm or refute a potential diagnosis, and the horse may have to repeatedly return to the clinic for further examination. This pathway takes time and costs money, while the patient may lose condition and the injury gets worse. By visualising slices through tissue, MRI can quickly and precisely localise damage to both bone and soft tissues. Standing MRI identifies the specific cause of lameness in over 90% of cases. MRI is the only way to distinguish between the many different diseases underlying “navicular syndrome” in the foot MRI of the fetlock and knee allows racehorse trainers to modify training to prevent poor performance and avoid the risk of serious injury Early, safe and accurate lameness diagnosis Almost twenty years later, and with 100 veterinary MRI systems installed in 24 countries worldwide, we continue our collaboration with the veterinary industry to deliver advanced imaging solutions for improved animal health. Visit