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When it comes to equine athletes lameness, injuries, & layups are not something any owner or trainer hopes to face.  As with any competing athlete, the high degree of difficulty and maneuvers the horses perform comes with an associated risk, as well as wear and tear on the body.  Prime Time Equine is a full-service Equine Rehabilitation & Fitness Center committed to the health, well-being & recovery of competing, injured and/or retired equine athletes.

Located in South Central, OK off I-35 at what used to be the World-Renown Nedpoint Quarter Horses, the Prime Time Facility houses an in-ground aqua-treadmill, dry inclining treadmill, free-flow exerciser, hot-walkers, covered arena, covered round pen and therapy equipment such as a vibration plate, infra-red solarium, PEMF machine and more!

While Prime Time specializes in Rehabilitation, Post-Surgical Care and Wound Management, full services are available and vary from preventative care – including Fitness, Conditioning, Sale Prep & Marketing to wellness therapies – including sports massage & magnaWave PEMF. Additional services beneficial to injured, retired or rehabbing horses such as broodmare management, foaling and on-Site reproductive services are also available.

“Protocols are customized to each patient weekly by the board certified Equine Rehab Specialists of Equine Core Inc. and incorporate an array of hands-on therapies and & complementary modalities that aid in core strength and target specific areas of need. “

The Prime Time Difference – Customized Care & Rehabilitation

While hydrotherapy and all the specialized equipment utilized is a major asset to this center’s rehab programs, none of it is a magic fix on it’s own and the results only go as far as the expertise surrounding it’s use.  Owners, Benjamin and Erin Gallegos are graduates of Colorado State University’s Equine Sciences program with multiple years of experience working for both university & private practice veterinarians concentrating on lameness, orthopedics, sports medicine, surgery, rehabilitation & reproduction. After experience at the university it became clear that many beneficial hands-on therapies and rehab modalities have been lost in the transition to fast-paced private practice. As such, Ben and Erin founded Prime Time Equine in 2018 to fill the gap and bring the higher level of individualized hands-on care to the southern region.

In order to do just that, Prime Time has partnered up with previous mentors and board-certified Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialists, Dr.’s Melissa King & Sherry Johnson of Equine Core, Inc. (eCORE, Fort Collins, CO).  Together they work closely with owners, referring veterinarians and local veterinarians to provide completely custom, expertise-driven, rehabilitation programs that are tailored for each horse’s injury and adjusted by the eCORE team weekly based on individual progress. Protocols incorporate not only the use of equipment, but hands-on therapies, core strengthening exercises and other complementary modalities to target specific areas of need and ultimately achieve the best recovery & results possible for each case.

“As a small family owned & operated facility, horses at Prime Time Equine receive the one-on-one time and attention they need to achieve maximum results.”

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Credit Photos by Marie Littlefield