The Show Will Go On – 2020 Run For A Million

Over the weekend, the NRBC, which was already rescheduled once, announced that it won’t be able to hold the event at the end of the month at the Greater Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas due to COVID-19 restrictions. “It came down to what Harris County would or wouldn’t let us do,” Cody shared on Monday morning. “The judge in Harris County extended the stay-at-home order and specifically called out arenas and stadiums [as remaining closed]. We had no choice—there was no ‘should we or should we not;’ the county judge made the decision.”

Good news on the horizon. “The South Point plans to have a ‘soft’ opening at the end of May and events will resume in June,” Brumley said. “So, we are planning to move forward with the Run for a Million.”

Brumley explained that the Run for a Million, Million Dollar Competition qualifier will be held in the days leading up to the main event in conjunction with the $100,000 Open Shoot Out, similar to a first go-round, taking back the top ten riders to compete in the Million Dollar Competition scheduled for Saturday, August 1. Also the top five in the Shoot Out automatically qualify for the 2021 Million Dollar Competition similar to the structure from 2019. The event will also host a Rookie and Non Pro qualifier since there have been so many regional host events canceled, reducing the opportunities for exhibitors to get qualified for the Championships.

The Run For A Million returns offering the $100,000 Open Shoot Out, $50,000 Added Non Pro Championship and Bloomer Trailers Rookie Championship. “We have decided to make the $50,000 Freestyle an Invitational this year due to the short time period we are looking at moving into the event”, explains Brumley. “Invitations will be sent out to ten exhibitors in the upcoming weeks.”

“Taylor (Sheridan) and I understand how important it is to get our industry kick started again. Our trainers have lost horses in training, had to lay off help, and are looking at a grim future if we do not get back to showing horses,” states Brumley with grave concern. “My heart is breaking for these people who rely on events like this to make a living. The trickle down affect is astronomic, not just for trainers, show staff, vendors, venues, hotels, restaurants. I could go on and on. We absolutely must get back to work.”

The event has also added a $100,000 Open Cow Horse Bridle Invitational presented by DT Horses which includes fifteen of the top Open Riders from the National Reined Cow Horse Association. This performance takes place Friday evening, July 31.

Brumley also stated that the supporting Paramount Network television series, The Last Cowboy, will be aired this year, though with some changes to the format to accommodate a shortened filming timeframe.

Tickets for The Run For A Million will go on sale the end of May via The Run For A Million is scheduled for July 29 – August 1, 2020 at the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center, Las Vegas, NV. For more information go to