Extreme Trail Horse Association

Close your eyes and imagine riding through a beautiful forest, surrounded by trees rustling as the air moves softly through the branches. You listen closely as your horse breathes in and out, and feel the excitement move through each step as you venture farther today than you did yesterday. You enjoy this time as an opportunity to disconnect from the world and connect even deeper with your equine partner. Walking down the path, jumping over obstacles, moving effortlessly through the water, this is the perfect day made even better by a wonderful horse and human partnership. At Extreme Trail Horse Association, this is the moment in time that we strive to capture for you and your horse! That moment when you are completely at peace, have confidence in your abilities with your horse, and are ready to take on new challenges together. Together with our parks, sponsors, and trainers we aim to offer amazing opportunities to grow in your horsemanship, grow your horse’s ability, and provide a safe outlet for increasing your riding skills! Our parks are currently located in the United States and Canada and we are quickly expanding! We also have over 17 trainers that are available to give lessons, chat over the phone, or come visit you!

In Texas, where we got our start, we currently have parks located all over the state! Each park has its own unique offerings from easy to extreme trails, horsemanship clinics, obstacles, and so much more! Each park is available to the public and currently hold events all throughout the year. Just outside of College Station, in the heart of Aggie Country, resides one of our flagship parks: Beauty and the Beast Stables and Longhorns. At this facility you can enjoy trail rides in the summer and fall months, horsemanship clinics that focus on mastering obstacles both on and off your horse offered every month, and access to an outside arena full of challenging obstacles!

Even though anyone can visit our parks, we encourage everyone to hold a membership to get discounts on riding and clinic opportunities. Our membership also offers you access to free training videos and professional office support for planning your next riding adventure! If that’s not enough, we also offer all members discounts on merchandise through our general store! Finally, all members also have access to discounts from our partners which include: Purina, Stride Supplements, Timeless Fence System, Tesky’s Saddle Shop, Parma, Scratch N All, Step N Soak, CVD Event Studio, Performance Horse Digest, Texas Horseman Magazine, Bluebonnet Feeds, Heel-O-Matic, Exiss Trailers, and so much more! Ready to become a member?
Check us out at extremetrailhorseassociation.com, or send us a message on Facebook for help. Feel free to contact us on the number listed as well, and our Relationship Manager will get back to you within 24 hours! Join a growing organization that focuses on the emotional and physical well-being of you and your horse! photo by Beauty and the Beast Stables and Longhorns