Digital Copy of Original Registration Certificates

In addition to mailing an American Quarter Horse’s official AQHA registration certificate, AQHA will now email a digital copy of the original registration certificate to the owner once the registration is complete.

We know the excitement that you experience when registering or purchasing an American Quarter Horse is the best feeling in the world; it can only be rivaled by receiving the horse’s official AQHA certificate of registration in the mail.

We are excited to announce a new added member benefit for American Quarter Horse owners! Effective April 2, once the AQHA paperwork is completed for a registration, transfer, duplicate or corrected certificate, owners will now automatically receive an emailed digital copy of the original registration certificate, if AQHA has an email address on file for the owner.

The original AQHA registration certificate, which is still considered the official AQHA paperwork, will continue to be mailed directly to the owner. AQHA will still require the original printed AQHA registration certificate for certain AQHA business, including transfers of ownership in the future. AQHA will not accept the digital copy of the registration certificate to process a transfer of ownership. Once local, state and federal mandates are lifted regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), please confirm with managers of future events whether they will accept the digital copy or if the original mailed AQHA registration certificate is required.

Update Your Account Information

If you do not have an email address on file, simply update your AQHA member account information.Verifying your email address will not only allow you to have a digital copy of your horse’s registration certificate emailed to you, but will also help you to stay up to date with the latest AQHA news, receive information from your favorite AQHA events and programs, and be notified regarding your AQHA business by the AQHA Member Experience Team.

If you need additional assistance, contact the AQHA Member Experience team at 806-376-4811 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central, Monday through Friday