Tack Up!

Developed 9 generations ago as a protector for leather that was used in all weather – hot, cold, wet and dry, Saddler’s® Preservative softens leather quickly and gives it a non-damaging protective coat. On new leather, Saddler’s® Preservative gives leather added protection against stains and weather; on used leather, it will make the leather supple so it will not crack when flexed. Leather is an investment, use Saddler’s® Preservative for longer living leather. Available in 3 sizes- 4oz., 8oz., and 16oz. 800/627-2807 www.jmsaddler.com

The Bitless Bridle
Deluxe western leather headstalls are made in our workroom out of the same high quality USA bridle leather as our standard western leather bridles (Wickett & Craig of America). This bridle is complimented with the Horse Shoe brand stainless steel hardware ( designed by Jeremiah Watt). The square center bar buckle has recently been redesigned to fit closer to the horses head. Hardware is a floral pattern polished stainless steel with contrasting black accents for a rich look. If you want a dressed up version of our western leather headstall this is it. Matching reins are sold separately. Available in the following colors, Med. Brown, Black, English Tan. Available in Medium (Average Horse) – Small (Arabs and Ponies) – Large (Warmbloods and larger Thoroughbreds). For more information call 877-942-4277 or visit www.bitlessbridle.com

StripHair® Gentle Groomer
Horse grooming revolutionized! Enter Betty, the woman behind Betty’s Best, Inc. and the creator of the StripHair Gentle Groomer®. Her aim to designed an effective grooming tool that would make horses look, feel and perform their best has been realized. This internationally award-winning product is changing the way horses are groomed around the world. With it’s innovative multi-purpose design, you can say good-bye to that bucket full of brushes, curries, shedding blades, and sweat scrapers. The Gentle Groomer® can do it all… while providing impressive therapeutic benefits. So how does it work? The StripHair Gentle Groomer® is used with a stroking motion, rather than the flicking required with a traditional brush, to effectively draws dirt and dandruff to the surface to be swept away with all loose hair while dramatically distributing the skins oils to produce healthy shine. The flexible nature of StripHair® allows it to comfortably and safely conform to all areas of the body, including the face and legs. The magic is in the material! The trade secret formula was over two years in development and consists of natural tree rubber for flexibility, black carbon for durability, orange oil for the perfect measure of ‘grip’, and an antimicrobial agent to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. Impressive therapeutic benefits! Valued by many of the industries top riders, veterinarians, and equine therapists, The Gentle Groomer® effectively increases oxygen and nutrient-rich blood-flow to the muscles to prepare the horse prior to work and aid in muscle recovery post work. Increasing circulation through massage is well known to improve mobility, reduce swelling, relieve soreness, speed healing and reduce the risk of injury. Simply put, the StripHair Gentle Groomer® will provide ultimate convenience for you… and unparalleled comfort for your horse. Visit striphair.com

Hilltop Tack Supply
Hilltop Tack Supply was established in 2005, making quality western strap goods such as headstalls, reins, breast straps, spur straps, cinch straps and many other items. The largest percentage of their goods are made with Hermann Oak leather. Other suppliers include Thoroughbred leather, American leather Direct and Wickett & Craig. Hilltop Tack’s product line has grown considerably in the last 15 years. One such addition is their very popular nylon halters and leads, which are offered in a variety of colors and sizes. Located in central Pennsylvania, their Amish shop and team produces quality products made in the USA. All products are 100% guaranteed. Hilltop Tack Supply invites requests for price quotes on special orders. They make items to your specifications. Check out their full line at www.hilltoptacksupply.net or give them a call at 814-349-4479 to find a dealer near you.

Charlotte’s Saddlery
Since we opened in 1977, equestrian sports have evolved and become more specialized and technical. The equipment and the apparel have benefitted from this specialization, with innovations in materials and designs that have helped the horse as well as the competitors. Our Spring/Summer 2020 Collection of apparel highlights cutting-edge technical fabrics designed to meet the demands of our very specific sport, like UV shielding, cooling and moisture-wicking fabrics. From our casual gear to our more polished and sophisticated show clothing with European styling, Charlotte’s has a complete new selection of innovative apparel for all your riding needs. If you haven’t been to Tomball in a while, then come by and visit our quaint little tack shop at 114 W Main Street, just west of the railroad tracks, and enjoy this old town with plenty of new restaurants, shops and entertainment venues, all within walking distance of Charlotte’s! www.charlottes-saddlery.com 281-351-1705

Got ankle, knee or hip pain? Then don’t ride another day without the Patented Nettles Leveler. Twisted stirrup leathers raise the outside of the stirrup angling your ankle upward and knees inward. With time the aches and pain set in. The Leveler levels the stirrup, eliminating those aches and pains. It also sits your boot flat on the tread and aligning your body correctly in the saddle for better balance and fewer dropped stirrups. Read the articles and check out the video on NettlesStirrups.com for more information. TheLeveler retails for $95 per pair and is patented only for Nettles Stirrups. Purchase them at tack and western stores, through your favorite saddle maker or call us at 800-729-2234.

Custom Tack
Custom Tack was started in 1998 while James was attending Texas A&M. Over the last twenty years our business has grown tremendously as we now ship all over the United States and Canada. We are the premier trophy supplier for many associations both Western and English. We offer a full trophy prize line at a competitive price with excellent quality and a quick delivery. Please see our ad in this issue and feel free to call or email for a print copy of our newest catalog. We welcome the opportunity to meet and exceed all of your expectations. Custom Tack 1-877-717-8225 www.customtackshop.com Proudly made in the U.S.A. sales@customtackshop.com