Time To Win Big In Vegas

Silver Dollar Circuit Adds $25,000 in Prize Money Where You Wouldn’t Expect

As the years go on, Silver Dollar continues to improve as an independent, unique, and strong horse show, holding with their mission of being run by exhibitors for exhibitors.   They have some exciting new offerings for 2020 including over $75,000 in Money and Prizes!   They are turning the horse show industry upside down with their creation of “Silver Dollar Stakes Series”, new for 2020.

Our mission at the Silver Dollar Circuit is to encourage participation in AQHA horse shows.  When Denny Gentry took over the Roping shows, competitions were only rewarding the top of the exhibitor pyramid.  His strategy was to turn the pyramid upside down and offer significant rewards to the lower levels of the pyramid.   We think this approach might work in our horse show,” acknowledged Jan Bruner, Show Director.

Therefore, the Las Vegas Silver Dollar Circuit has set aside $25,000 in Prize Money to be designated for the scored classes in Level II Amateur and Level II Amateur Select classes, as well as in the Level I Open scored classes.   Each class will have a guaranteed $2,000 Added Money, as well as 80% jackpot of the entry fee of $125.  These will be run contiguous with the regular AQHA class, during the second set of shows, under a single judge (to be selected at random at the beginning of each day, but not announced).   For more detail, go to silverdollarcircuit.com.

In addition, here are some more highlights for their 2020 show…

NSBA Futurities & Maturities:    While they are no longer associated with Premium Quarter Sires, they will still have the same Futurity and Maturity classes as offered last year.  These include 3/4 YO and Maturity classes in Open and Non Pro Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle.  In addition, they will offer the same two Trail Stakes classes: Level 2 Senior Trail and 4/5 YO Trail  The classes have $1,500 added with a minimum 50% jackpotted back.   All of these classes are open to all horses, all breeds.   There are no PQS requirements.

Walk-Jog Division:  New for this year they will be offering Walk Jog Trail, Horsemanship, and Western Pleasure for both Youth and Adult (separate classes).  These exhibitors will show two times for each class, to a total of six judges.  These classes will be open to horses of all breeds.

Flat Fee:   New for this year they are also offering flat fee entries.   The one-time fee will cover all entries for a horse in all divisions, with all riders.

Show Up for Free:  Novice Youth and Novice Amateurs may enter the corresponding Youth or Amateur class for free (no entry fee).   This is a wonderful way to gain more arena experience at no additional cost!

List of Judges:  Jeff Allen, Kelly Chapman, Jimmy Daurio, Buddy Fisher, Garth Gooding, Jeff Greaves, Brad Jewett, Valerie Kearns, Jennifer Leckey, Judd Paul, Becky Schooler, and Tracy Willis.

New Management:  They are extremely pleased to announce that An Equine Production will join their Show Management team.  Kathy Avolt has put together an exceptional Show Management crew and they are very excited she has chosen to partner with Silver Dollar!

2020 is set to be an exceptional year for the Silver Dollar Circuit!  It will be exciting to see some new faces in the winners circle with the Silver Dollar Stakes Series and you won’t need to play in the casino to win big this year in Vegas!

About Silver Dollar Circuit:

The Silver Dollar Circuit is the largest all-around circuit in the nation (providing no cattle, speed or reining events).  It is touted for its strong focus on exhibitors and sponsors.  Running for 44 years this show pulls exhibitors from all over the nation to compete at the exceptional South Point facility. For more information about the show please visit www.silverdollarcircuit.com.

Please check silverdollarcircuit.com for more information and for updates.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jan Bruner (602-370-6979, or jan@silverdollarcircuit.com), Kathy Avolt (765-714-4324, or www.anequineproduction.com), or Garrett Cooper (602-677-1438).