Two Texas Companies Partner to Help the Horse/Mustang Industry

By Karen Reeves

ETHA is proud to announce its partnership with the Mustang Heritage Foundation located in Granger, TX. It is a public, charitable, non-profit organization whose mission is to create and promote programs and activities that provide information and education about wild horses and burros, elevate their image and desirability, provide opportunities to become involved in the wild horse and burro experience and secure adequate numbers of caring homes for excess horses.

Our Director, Scott Knudsen recently met with Director of Marketing, Matt Manroe to discuss what the foundation does and to learn about the various programs created by Mustang Heritage Foundation such as their veterans and youth programs. They have also developed a Trainer Incentive Program (TIP).

We asked Scott what motivated ETHA to join with this foundation: “We feel at the Extreme Trail Horse Association, that as a leader in the Equine Industry it is our desire and our obligation to select and lend our support in many different ways. We want our parks, members, trainers, and partners to be proud of their association. What the Mustang Heritage Foundation is doing is so incredible that we wanted to be shoulder to shoulder with them. Working every day to make our industry be the best it can. It is also, our desire and obligation to always be getting better as a leading Association in our beloved equine industry.”

The Foundation is excited about their new, first ever celebrity event coming to the Will Rogers Coliseum located in Fort Worth TX on Friday Jan 24th 2020 @ 6 pm –Mustang Magic featuring 8 nationally recognized, top Mustang Trainers and entertainers! They will be competing for a prize of $25,000! The tickets go on sale this month.

There are over 50,000 Mustangs in holding today. The Mustang Heritage Foundation works hard to get as many of these mustangs trained and adopted out to good homes. It is possible to get a fully trained Mustang for less than you would purchase a wild horse. The foundation strives to give as many horses as possible the chance to integrate into a new life. Mustangs are incredibly versatile horses that can be adopted and used for so many purposes. They come at an affordable price and what is even better is that every horse adopted means the Mustang legacy lives on.

By adding a Mustang to your barn you are also opening up the chance to raise more awareness for the cause. It would be a win-win situation where you provide a loving home for a horse who needs to find his/her place in a new world – while the horses offer you versatility and the ability to be so many things. You may set out to rescue a horse and find they rescued you instead!

For more information and to learn how you can get involved with the Mustang Heritage Foundation – please visit their website at You can also read more about the Mustang Heritage Foundation on our website at (two things we love). Become a park! If you want to become a park – just give us a call at 1-830-999-9006 and we’ll sign you up! Have you become a member yet? You get great savings on all types of products and services by joining – PLUS you get discounts off entry into our ETHA parks! Membership matters at ETHA and being a part of the ETHA community has all kinds of benefits!