Artist and Cowgirl Honoree Donna Howell Sickles “The Trail of the Cowgirl” Exhibition

 Opening at the National Cowgirl Museum March 9, 2019 

Along with the grand opening of the Kit Moncrief Galleries and It’s Never Just a HorseTM exhibition, Cowgirl Honoree Donna Howell-Sickles’ The Trail of the Cowgirl exhibition will open on March 9 in the Anne W. Marion Gallery. Howell-Sickles’ blend of women, horses and history is the perfect complement to the renovated second floor. 

Donna Howell-Sickles, a western artist from Saint Jo, Texas, was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2007 for her artistic work and the ability to take the image and idea of the cowgirl beyond charcoal lines and into reality. 

“Before I discovered the image rich identity of the women who shaped the West, horses alone were enough to hold my interest,” said Howell-Sickles, describing her passion for the art she creates. “They spoke to me of strength, beauty and the ability to survive. I still use the cowgirl to tell very current stories for, and about, women using an eclectic collection of images and ideas from both the past and the present.” 

Her art tells the stories of Western women, animals and the West; she goes deeper than just the colors and objects. 

“My artwork reflects my admiration for the strong Western women of both past and present,” said Howell-Sickles. “Stories worthy of telling about the beauty, depth and joy of living with an appreciation of the hopes and struggles we share.” 

Howell-Sickles strives to communicate the value found in embracing beauty and vitality and the importance of choosing joy whenever the opportunity arises through her work. She has exhibited her art in the National Cowboy & Western 

Heritage Museum, Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale, National Museum of Wildfire Art and more. 

“The figures in my work are living in their ‘now,’ and we viewers are allowed a glimpse into their lives,” she said. “Lives that are filled and complicated by partnerships, friendships, beliefs and companions.” 

The Trail of the Cowgirl will be on exhibit in the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in the Anne W. Marion Gallery on March 9 when the second floor reopens to the public until September 2019. 

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