Barn Pros Now Offers Outdoor Riding Arenas

 Barn Pros is pleased to introduce outdoor riding arenas in a variety of sizes. 

Barn Pros can now help you and your horse with your outdoor riding arena needs in four different sizes. Our outdoor riding arenas are the perfect option for maximizing your enclosed riding space. Durable and simple to assemble, these complete packages include panels, posts, clamps, swing gate and latch. Whether you are doing pleasure, dressage, reining, roping or anything in-between, our arena tops the competition in both safety and quality. Our pre-configured sizes make for an easy, well-thought out install, allowing you to have more time riding and less time setting up. 

With four different sizes (60’x120’, 72’x120’, 80’x140’ and 120’x220’), Barn Pros offers sizes for any equestrian discipline. The American-made galvanized steel tubing forms 10′-20’ wide 5′ high 5-rail panels, which clamp together with only a 3/8” inch gap to reduce the chance of hang-ups between posts. Smooth, capped panels and fully-welded joints keep out the weather and are sealed to further resist rust, ensuring consistent performance for years to come. Each includes a 12’ wide swing gate matched to the surrounding panels. Arena packages also come with line and gate posts, gates and latches. 

60′ x 120′
120′ x 220′

About Barn Pros: Nearly three decades ago, the Barn Pros team saw an opportunity to deliver a high-value barn that could combine the ease and efficiency of packaged kits with a level of craft as well as working with you or your contractor throughout a remodel project to make sure you have all the right supplies to shape your barn into exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. For further information, check out Barn Pros website at