How Whole Body Vibration Can Enhance Your Horsecare

 As more equine studies on biomechanics are completed, it is increasingly evident that, as with humans, movement is critical to the body’s ability to function properly. Movement stimulates the body’s various systems, as such, daily physical activity should be a priority in your horse’s routine. However, due to space and time restraints, or stall rest due to injury, activity is sometimes compromised. Based upon recent research, Whole Body Vibration can be a valuable tool to help keep your horse’s topline, bones, and feet in good condition. 

A healthy, strong equine back is critical to performance and longevity. “The importance of spine health should not be underestimated as data indicates that 74% of horses with primary back pain show lameness and 32% of horses with primary lameness have back pain” Dr. Halsberghe, DVM, cVMA, cert.ISELP stated in his research on WBV effects on the m. multifidus.