Equestrian Track for San Diego International Film Festival

The San Diego International Film Festival (Oct 10-14, 2018) produced each year by the San Diego Film Foundation is proud to announce the slate for the second year of its Equestrian Film Track. The San Diego International Film Festival features topic specific tracks that present groundbreaking, independent films telling stories that resonate with San Diego patrons in a variety of areas.  Other unique film tracks include American Indian, Environmental, Military and Social Justice. The Equestrian Film Track highlights the diverse and creative efforts of filmmakers that explore topics related to horses.  www.sdfilmfest.com

About the San Diego International Film Festival (SDiFF):

The San Diego International Film Festival (October 10-14) is the region’s premier film event and one of the leading stops on the independent festival circuit. SDiFF offers a totally unique film experience; including world premieres, never before seen studio releases, the best in independent filmmaking and a full schedule of glamorous parties and intimate events with filmmakers.

2018 San Diego International Film Festival Equestrian Film Track 

Golden Genes – The Secret of Dutch Jumpers (Documentary)
directed by Annette van Trigt
Show jumping horses bred in the Netherlands are some of the best in the world. It is no coincidence that foreign riders won gold and silver medals in the Olympic Games of 2008 on Dutch horses. This is big business and passionate breeders have everything they need available in the Netherlands, not to mention the crucial factor of good luck, which seems to be another constant in this remarkable story.  Annette van Trigt followed leading breeders of Grand Prix horses around for 3 years. What is their secret? How do they do it? Big Star from North Holland bred by Cees Klaver, went on to win Olympic Gold in 2016, with Nick Skelton from the UK in the saddle. Semen from a champion horse is worth more than gold as it could potentially produce millions, but that is also a double edged sword. Which is better, a gold medal winner or a horse with Golden Genes? You can only have one of the two. This documentary shows the painful dualism involved.
Talking To The Air; The Horses of the Last Forbidden Kingdom (Documentary)
Directed by Sophie Dia Pegrum
In an ancient forbidden kingdom in the Himalaya, magnificent horsemen and their horses face almost certain demise. Bordering Tibet, Mustang is home to one of the world’s last great equine cultures. Maverick riders compete in death-defying races as their rich cultural heritage and spiritual bond with horses is tested in the face of rapid globalization. This award-winning documentary turns a lens to the planet’s last great horse culture – “Takes us not only to the top of the world but blows the tops of our heads off once we get there – the Shangri-La of horsedom”
My Paintbrush Bites (Documentary Short) 
directed by Joel Pincosy and Joe Egender
A film about a painting racehorse. A man battling reclusion and a racehorse on the brink of death save each other in unexpected ways.
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