Grand Champion™ Fly Repellent Joins Farnam’s Fly Control Lineup

The ultimate multi-tasker is now part of Farnam’s trusted line of fly control.

Farnam is pleased to introduce Grand Champion™ Fly Repellent, the company’s only two-in-one product that provides dazzling shine while repelling and killing flies, gnats and mosquitoes at the same time. This double duty makes Grand Champion™ Fly Repellentgreat for use at the show, as well as trail riding…or anytime it’s important to keep horses looking their best and protected from annoying pests.

When it comes to horse care, every horse owner wants to save time and money. Grand Champion™ Fly Repellent does just that. High-end hair conditioners provide head-turning shine while proven ingredients actively repel biting and nuisance flies, gnats and mosquitoes so horses can relax and focus. Protection starts immediately after application.

In addition to providing brilliant shine and effective fly protection, Grand Champion™ Fly Repellent is incredibly user-friendly, thanks to the innovative 360-degree continuous spray can. Even, consistent application means better coverage, and unlike trigger sprayers, the applicator requires no pumping motion. The can sprays at any angle–even upside down, making it ideal for spraying tricky spots, including bellies and back legs.

Unlike standard aerosol cans, there are zero propellants expelled with the product. And because the spray comes out at room temperature, there’s less reaction when it contacts the horse’s skin. Plus, the reduced spray noise is perfect for sensitive horses.

During the introductory period, horse owners can take advantage of instant savings, as $2 off coupons are attached to cans at retail locations. Coupons are also available

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