Rodeo Vogue: Wedding Attire

Written by Janzen Jackson

Hey! It is wedding season!  Hooray!  As someone that recently got engaged let’s talk about what to wear and what not to wear to weddings or even events in general.

This is from bridal parties, wedding showers, bachelorette, dress shopping, or just going to meet wedding vendors.  You want to look cute, fun personable, yet still put together.

Brides! Girl this is your time! Wear as much white as you possibly can. Every shower, party, girls night, or date just wear white. Ok maybe not everyday, but you should embody that bridal image and wear it as much as you want. White is elegant and put together looking that it is easy to throw on a “LWD” and go enjoy yourself.

 Dresses are always a great go-to for any event that you are attending. Depending on the length of dress some may be more suited for your bachelorette party then for your wedding showers.

If you are a guest at a wedding here are the tips that I have to offer:
Remember this day is about the bride and groom. Just be happy they invited you to come celebrate their day with them.

Often times brides will set a guest dress code and this doesn’t mean that the bride is wanting to dictate what you can and can’t wear, they are just wanting to achieve beautiful photos and have everyone look wonderful.

What Not to Wear:
Do not wear white to a wedding. Unless you are the bride.

Do not dress out the color scheme if one is provided. Honestly stay away from neon and reds unless they are the wedding colors. The bride should be the only one standing out.

Do not wear anything you wouldn’t wear to work or church. Remember, weddings are about two people becoming one and the attention shouldn’t be on a guests outrageous outfit.

Do not show up overly casual. Your everyday jeans are not appropriate.

Do not wear your most uncomfortable footwear, you will want to dance and walk around and talk to other guests and friends.

I know that is a lot of no’s so let’s move on to the fun of what to wear.

What to Wear:
Wear the wedding colors, if you aren’t sure look at the invitation it should match the wedding theme or just ask the bride.

Wear something modest, being covered up even in a tight fitting dress is classier then letting everything show.

Wear something you can dance and move in. You want to have fun and enjoy the celebration.

Wear something that you would want to wear again. Even if it is just a go-to wedding guest attire.

No matter what you do or don’t wear remember to always be you. They invited you to be a part of this chapter of their life and want you to enjoy it as much as they do.

Types of dresses that are appropriate to look for if you are out shopping for something to wear to showers, parties or even the BIG day:
Maxi dresses are always a great option as they are figure flattering and can be dressed up easily with belts and jewelry.

Wrap dresses, if you are wanting to accentuate your waist or cover up your bust this is a great option.

Sun dresses are great for outdoor summer weddings as they are still sweet and dressed up without making yourself over heat. Take a cute wrap or shawl with you incase it gets chilly at night.

Maxi Rompers, you know it looks like a maxi dress from the back and has the romper front which keeps your hind end covered and allows you to get low while you’re out dancing.