Improve Recovery Time – Underwater Treadmill System

Hudson Aquatic Systems’ AquaPacer and AquaPacer Plus underwater treadmill systems.

Hudson Aquatic Systems’ AquaPacer and AquaPacer Plus underwater treadmill systems are designed for the advanced development and improvement of equine athletes of all disciplines by offering low-impact, high-resistance therapy or workouts for faster recovery and rehabilitation from injury, optimal training and conditioning, and overall performance and fitness.

Through the control of hot and cold water temperature, water height (to control buoyancy and resistance), speed and duration, horse trainers and veterinarians can utilize AquaPacer to customize a protocol for each horse’s specific needs. In addition, our underwater treadmill is commonly used for healthy horses needing more strength or endurance or to help correct gait imbalances. Side and end underwater windows enable close monitoring and control.

Training in the AquaPacer underwater treadmill provides resistance for improved range of motion, buoyancy to reduce joint stress, muscle wear and tear with less risk of injury, while adjustable water depths allow for better controlled weight-bearing exercise to strengthen muscle. The AquaPacer will promote rapid build-up of muscle across the shoulders, hind end, and top line of the horse, as well as improve circulation and decrease inflammation.

The AquaPacer is the industry leader used by competitive equine athletes to not only improve performance, but also to improve confidence and mental attitude. Our customers include breeders, trainers, Polo teams, Olympic contenders, race champions, veterinary colleges, clinics and hospitals, and privately owned barns.

Hudson Aquatic Systems, formerly known as Ferno Washington, manufactures all products in Angola, Ind., to the specifications of each customer’s situation. We strive to create a process that exceeds customer’s expectations before, during and after the sale, in order to build life-long relationships and improve the lives that utilize our products. By providing a complete sale-to-service process means you benefit from custom design, engineering, sales, manufacturing, in-house testing, assembly, installation, and 24/7 service; including the “Ask Sam” program that allows customers to contact us with water quality questions, and for assistance.

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