High Quality Treadmills – Equine Training, Conditioning & Rehabilitation

HORSE GYM USA® offers a full line of compatible equipment which works together in equine training, conditioning and rehabilitation settings.

HORSE GYM USA® has placed over 800 pieces of equipment to equestrians including Olympians, world class drivers, trainers, riders and veterinarians providing the results they have looked for when it comes to conditioning and rehabilitating their equine athletes.

The product line up includes on HORSE GYM USA® WALK and WATER treadmills, RELAX with overhead solarium, and the cold saltwater SPA. With similar computers, all pieces of equipment are easy to learn to operate. The clear side panels on HORSE GYM USA® treadmills allow complete observation of the horse’s gait and footfall which is very useful to veterinarians and farriers. Operators are able to see the horse, his expression and stride for proper and safe introduction to the treadmill. The control station is located at the front by the horse’s head giving the handler better control.

All of the new WALK, WATER treadmills come with a 2 year warranty on parts and labor and they incline up to 10 degrees. The horses walk in a straight line with minimal concussion, creating symmetry in their muscling, stride and gait as well as improving their topline and strengthening their core. Using the incline or water helps build strength, scope, speed and endurance.   The WALK is a labor-saving product to incorporate into daily rehabilitation, conditioning and training programs. Horses can go straight from their stall to the treadmill without need of cleaning or putting a manure bag on them. The advantages to your horses, the amount of labor/staff/time saved, as well as the potential of an additional revenue stream will make owning a HORSE GYM USA® WALK treadmill one of the soundest decisions for your facility.

WATER treadmills are used for rehabilitation and for supporting the training and conditioning of competition, pleasure and race horses. The HORSE GYM USA® WATER is a unique water treadmill allowing horses to be exercised at a walk, in any height of water up to shoulder. Water treadmills increase the buoyancy of the horse, reduce weight bearing and concussion on the limbs, and provide a resistance to limb movement.  Rehabilitation on the water treadmill can reduce recovery time by 50-60%. Additionally, HORSE GYM USA® WATER is a perfect solution for accelerated conditioning, improved performance, promotes correct posture and a balanced gait, improves the heart function, enhances muscle development and improves flexibility. This machine can also be used as a dry treadmill that inclines, similar to that of our WALK.  The highly effective filtration system is designed to make the maintenance very user friendly and the commercial grade stainless steel construction provides years of service.

The HORSE GYM USA® SPA is a cold, saltwater solution that soaks the legs, mimicking the positive effects of icing and bandaging. The cold water serves as a topical analgesic and reduces accumulating fluid. Aerating bubbles create a therapeutic, wave-like action which has a massaging effect for fluid dispersal. With saltwater hydrotherapy, blood circulation and the rate of healing are increased.  Case studies collated for the past two decades have proven that cold water spa treatment is extremely beneficial to all leg injuries. The HORSE GYM USA® SPA hosts a variety of key features and an ALL-IN-ONE design making it one of the best available options in hydrotherapy.
The HORSE GYM USA® RELAX features a combination vibrating floor and overhead solarium for muscle support and stress relief. The machine’s vibrating floor increases blood circulation in the horses’ legs and conditions muscles. The RELAX also boasts the innovation of the HORSE GYM USA® SUN which loosens back muscles while increasing blood circulation and healing rates. The dual technology of the HORSE GYM USA® RELAX creates the perfect treatment for equine athletes before or after strenuous exercise, stress, or injury. HORSE GYM USA® is located in Wellington, Florida and warehouses a strong equipment and parts inventory.  Staff includes 3 full time technicians to provide timely service.  Visit the website  www.horsegym.com, and Facebook page, www.facebook.com/horsegym, or contact Jill Townsend at 561/818-0049 and email: Jill@horsegym.com.