Back on Track’s Therapeutic Hock Boots Provide Gentle Welltex® Therapy – Help for your Horse’s Hocks

Back on Track offers two styles of therapeutic Hock Boots: Hock Boots with Holes, and Royal Padded Hock Boots.

The Hock Boots with Holes are an excellent choice for dealing with arthritic or capped hocks. Consisting of a neoprene exterior, we infused the interior of the boot with our state-of-the-art Welltex fabric which reflects your horse’s natural body warmth which creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth – excellent for relieving injured joints, muscles and tendons. The boot fastens around the hock but leaves the hock point uncovered.

Back on Track’s Royal Padded Hock Boots with Holes give you another excellent, all-natural choice for dealing with hocks. They are similar to the Hock Boots with Holes, but have extra padding using Welltex fabric. The exterior still has a hole but the inside padding does not so it keeps the hock point covered.

And our customers love us! Here’s just one review: “My young horse had been turning on his front end which I thought was odd, and extremely dangerous when running barrels since he would put all his weight in his shoulder. I had tried everything, vet check, chiropractor, new saddle, sore no more, drills – I mean I tried it all! Then I got these Hock boots … and it was like magic!! He is moving better then ever and moving CORRECT again!!! My friend – known for always winning jackpots – had been going through a slump after giving her horse time off and they just hadn’t been clocking the times they used to or winning like normal. So I let her use my hock boots 8 hours before a race… AND SHE WON THE 1D!!! And she didn’t have her usual gate problems which is a miracle in itself! I swear by Back on Track products and if I could I would buy all of them!”

Back on Track Hock Boots are primarily for stall or hauling only; not recommended for turn out. Using standing wraps helps prevent them from sliding down and they also work great with Back on Track Quick Wraps!

Back on Track is the perfect choice for therapeutic gear with products not just for horses but for dogs and people too. Available online or at a Retailer near you!

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