Switzer-Hill Horses is proud to present its new breeding & fertility facility and ranch

Jeff Switzer and his wife, Bo Hill Switzer, had a dream of moving their business but never thought it would happen so soon.  “I was sick of the business that we were in along with the bad weather and this opportunity fell right into our lap”, Switzer states.

Switzer, a former National Finals Rodeo saddle bronc rider and his wife, Bo, a high-caliber 3-year-old barrel horse trainer, decided on a fresh start for their business and what better place to do that then right by their summer home in Poolville, Texas, North of Weatherford. The beautiful 60 acre property is located in Weatherford, the heart of horse country on the Brazos River, approximately 40 minutes West of Fort Worth. “We really liked the people, the weather and my wife can find over half a dozen exhibitions within 30 miles to take her futurity colts to.” says Jeff.

Switzer is proud to present their new breeding facility to the public. The facility has beautiful, big, green pastures for mares that are brought into the facility for breeding, as well as the two main breeding barns. The first barn has 38 stalls, a vet lab and office. The second barn is larger, boasting 48 stalls. The property includes a 25,000 sq. ft., all steel, covered arena. There are also two round pens. One is fully enclosed and the other includes an exercise/walking wheel. This property is the perfect equine facility for breeding mares, standing studs, and semen collection.  Switzer is very hands-on in his business and does all the semen collecting and freezing, not to mention he does all the AI himself.

There are 5 phenomenal barrel stallions standing at Switzer-Hill Horses for the savvy barrel horse mare owners to choose from, or you can have outside semen shipped in. Mulberry Fame, Famous Bugs, Flaming Fire Water, Guys Pocket Coin, and SEVS Judgement Day offer a wide variety of breeding pedigree that will compliment your mares temperament.

Mulberry Fame is a compact 15.2 stallion with good bone, solid feet, a nice head & neck, with a kind disposition. His pedigree is one to remember, Dash Ta Fame x Mulberry Canyon Moon. Breeding to this stallion guarantees your offspring to be included in these incentives, Breeders Challenge, Ruby Buckle, SSS, VGBRA, and SWDC. Mulberry Fames 2022 breeding fee is $1,750. Mulberry Fame has a lifetime earning of $61,352 and it is still growing to this day. His offspring are doing very well in training and all have bright futures ahead. They will have no trouble bringing home the money with all the incentives they can compete in.

Famous Bugs was bred by Switzer and is still under his ownership to this day. Now, this stud’s pedigree is one that you won’t forget, Dash Ta Fame x Ms Wahini Bug. Famous Bugs is the only stallion out of Ms Wahini Bug standing to the public. The incentives that are included with breeding to this stallion are, Future Fortunes, PESI, BRIF, Cornhuskers, Blue Collar Breeders, and Breeders Challenge. Famous Bugs 2022 breeding fee is $2,000 and has a lifetime earning of over $54,000. Famous Bugs has had many successful offspring that have gone very far in the barrel racing community. His babies have earnings that exceed $1,655,106. This amount continues to grow as his babies continue to conquer the barrel racing world.

Flaming Fire Water, born in 2001, standing at 15.2 hands, with a gorgeous palomino coat. Talk about pedigree, this horse has a great one, Fire Water Flit x My Easter Flame. Offspring incentives are eligible for, Future Fortunes, Triple Crown 100, TQHA, Western Fortunes, and VGBRA. To breed to this flashy stallion the 2022 breeding fee is $2,000. Flaming Fire Water has a lifetime earning of $14,315 and much more to add to it going forward. His offspring have done astounding in the barrel racing pen bringing in earnings that are a little less than $300,000.

Guys Pocket Coin stands at Switzer Hill Horses as a big, stout 15.2 hand palomino. The pedigree that this horse has is one for the books, Frenchmans Guy x Queens Coin. Talk about incentives for your offspring! Guys Pocket Coin incentives include Future Fortunes, Select Stallion Stakes, BRN4D, Colorado Classic, JJ, PESI, SW Desert Classic, VGBRA, Ruby Buckle, and Cowboy State. Guys Pocket Coins breeding fee for 2022 is $1,750. He will cross well on performance and running mares, and will produce a versatile athlete. “Pockets” babies are already making their mark. The first two in the pen both are 1D horses. Even Amber Moore sees his potential and has chosen this amazing stud to breed her 2x NFR qualifying mare, Page to.

SEVS Judgement Day is a new upcoming stallion. He is a 15.1 hand grey that not only kills it in the barrel pen but is also kicking some serious competition in the roping arena as well. This horse’s pedigree shows, Judge Cash x Dancing Kaweah Jet. Talk about bred to run! His first set of offspring hit the ground at the beginning of 2020. They all have bright futures ahead of them with the incentives they are going to be able to run in. Those incentives include, Select Stallion Stakes, VGBRA, and he is currently on the waitlist to be added to Breeders Challenge and Ruby Buckle. SEVS Judgement Day’s breeding fee for 2022 is $1,000. SEVS Judgement Day’s equistat earnings to this day are just a little over $11,000 and is still growing, not to mention the $2,300 he has acquired in the local barrel and roping jackpots. His first set of offspring will be adding to this total in no time.

Switzer-Hill Horses does not just offer these 5 stallions and breedings. With over 25 years of breeding experience they offer complete mare care, foaling, semen freezing, total reproduction and even layovers. Jeff Switzer is a proud business owner and a hard worker. He lets no one else work on your mares but him and the vet he has on call. If your mare is not being bred to the studs on the property, they are happy to order the semen for you, breed, and foal your mares.

Switzer is very excited to show off their new facility and to meet new clients. Please call to make an appointment to come by and see all they have to offer.