Scholarship Recipient Aspires to Start Her Own Service Dog Company

Cassandra Christensen was recently awarded the Hannelore Bugby Scholarship for Female Entrepreneurs by The Academy of Pet Careers. This scholarship is only offered once per year to a female student who shows ambition and aspires to start her own pet business. The ideal candidate is one who wishes to make a difference in the industry, and Cassandra has proven the desire to improve the lives of pets through her experience and goals.

“I’ve always been passionate about helping others overcome issues with their pets. I want them to feel confident so that they can have a better and happier relationship with their dog, and to worry less about their dog being unsafe or impossible to handle,” says Cassandra.

Cassandra’s experience began at an early age when she was told the only way she could get a dog is if she trained it herself. This led her to join her local 4-H club and become an award winning 4-H Handler. She knew she wanted to own her own business as soon as she started high school, so she made it her goal to take every business course available to her. In addition, she spent her free time working with rescue dogs at her local shelter, dreaming of ways she could help them.

Cassandra goes on to further explain her goals of owning a training business:

“I’d like to run a business where I’ll be training service dogs of many specialties, teaching group classes, working with dogs with behavioral issues, and running a doggy-daycare. One of my future goals is to work with shelter dogs that are labeled ‘unadoptable’ due to behavior issues or their breed stereotype so that more dogs are able to find their forever homes.”

The Academy of Pet Careers is extremely excited to have Cassandra as a student and looks forward to what she can do as a dog trainer and pet business owner trying to improve the lives of pets.