Too Hot for House Hunters? 5 Home-Selling Tactics That Sizzle During Summer

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Summer is peak season for home selling—but also for barbecues, vacations, and long, lazy beach days. In other words, there are lots of things to distract even the most diligent would-be buyers. And that’s not even counting those dog days when it’s too hot to even venture out to view homes.

But for home sellers who are eager to drum up an offer before Labor Day, having their sale sidelined isn’t an option. And luckily, there’s plenty you can do to lure buyers through your door. Check out these five smart tips for getting buyers to brave the heat and squeeze your house into their summer schedule.

  1. Embrace ‘rush hour’ traffic

Long weekends out of town are the stuff summer dreams are made of. But they’re also the reason many Saturday and Sunday afternoon open houses end up nearly empty. Choosing an alternative time frame may turn that around.

“During the summer months, I’ve found holding ‘rush hour’ open houses to be hugely successful,” says Lindsay Bacigalupo, Engel & Völkers Minneapolis. “For example, Minnesota is full of lakes and so many residents here go up north for the weekend to enjoy time at their cabin. That’s why I hold open houses on Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m.—it creates an opportunity for buyers to view it during a time that might be more convenient.”

  1. Turn your open house into a summer party

Let’s face it: Heading to a barbecue or pool party sounds a whole lot more fun than an open house. If you can’t beat ’em, why not join ’em?

“Advertise it as a party instead of simply an open house,” says Brett Fischer, associate broker at Lee & Associates Residential in New York, NY.

In other words, put together a gathering that feels more like a celebration than a sales pitch. Try serving up refreshments outside like lemonade and iced tea on trays, or fire up the grill to serve summer-themed appetizers or sliders.

Timing can make a difference here, too: Rather than holding your soirée in the middle of the day, wait until the evening when the temperature’s bearable and people are ready to venture out and kick back at a house party.

  1. Shine a spotlight on the outdoor space

Nothing’s more appealing on a scorching summer day than a backyard pool. Play up this feature and other outdoor amenities to convince buyers this is the warm weather oasis they deserve.

“The long days of summer make for the perfect opportunity to highlight the exterior living spaces of the property,” says Than Merrill, a real estate investor and CEO of the real estate education company FortuneBuilders. “Make additional effort to keep patio areas, the pool, and outdoor furniture extra-clean. Incorporate tasteful props such as cushions, towels, lanterns, and string lights to help spur the imagination of your guests.”

Mark Cianciullli, a real estate agent at the CREM Group, recalls how setting the stage paid off by getting potential buyers to envision themselves enjoying the amenities he’s featured.

“It was a hillside home that had a beautiful view of the city below, especially at night when the city was lit up. So I decided to have a ‘summer nights’–themed open house where I set up bistro lights in the backyard and floating candles in the pool and served wine and cheese,” he says. “It was such a charming atmosphere that the ultimate buyer wanted the house so bad so she could re-create those kinds of settings for parties or just hanging out with her family and friends.” 

  1. Create a community event

Sometimes getting a home sold is a matter of enlisting the help of those who already live in the neighborhood. Merrill recommends hosting a summer block party at the front of the property, rather than in the backyard, to invite more attention and foot traffic from neighbors and others passing by.

“Prepare a theme, such as a luau or a summer barbecue, with entertainment for kids,” he suggests. “Make sure to design and pass out event fliers around the neighborhood days in advance. Consider renting food trucks, including a snow cone or ice cream truck, to help serve your guests. As you mingle with guests, invite them to take a tour of the property and ask them to spread the word to friends and neighbors.”

This concept translates to urban areas as well.

“New York City is famous for its residents fleeing the city on weekends, so real estate professionals have to get creative,” explains Mable Ivory at Engel & Völkers in New York. “So this week, I hosted a community event called ‘Sunset Soiree in the South Bronx.’ Attendees could preview my listing, a penthouse on the Grand Concourse, while enjoying Bronx and Manhattan skyline views at sunset. We provided live music from Bronx native Pernell Walker, custom-designed ‘Bronx Bomber’ cocktails and bites, and had a raffle for ‘The Bronx Rox’ gift basket. It was more than just an open house, but a way for the community to get together and celebrate their neighborhood.”

  1. Advertise early, often, and offline

Spreading the word about an open house is always key to getting people in the door, but never more so than that stretch between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

“Summer is a crazy season, and often people become unplugged from their devices,” says Jennifer Brownhill, regional marketing manager of CLV Group. “So advertising online well in advance will help give people the heads-up to clear their schedule for this day.”

To capture more eyeballs offline, plant signs on roadways headed toward the beach, campgrounds, and other popular summer destinations. Add extras like balloons to draw even more attention.

“Buyers know that it doesn’t take long to tour the home,” says Alex Hubler of Keller Williams Premier Realty Lake Minnetonka, MN. Advertise how your home’s just five minutes off the highway, and “people can pop in quick if they’re on their way somewhere, rather than taking the whole day to tour homes.”