“How to Find the Courage”

It’s a common thing to love what we do, but settle for less than what we really want to achieve.

By that I mean we allow our past results to dictate how we see our future potential.

If you see yourself in terms of past mistakes and disappointments, most of the time you will continue to do the same.

Often this limited view of yourself makes you feel sad, and less than enthusiastic. You might settle into a quiet resignation that things will never change. You settle for less.

I do understand it can be difficult to see yourself achieving the success you deserve and desire. Many times it’s because your view is blocked by reasons why … try as you might … you believe you just can’t do things differently.

However … the past NEVER equals the future. There is a fun way to think of future success that can stir a new belief about what can be for you. This may sound a tiny bit odd, but here goes.

Tell a story about yourself in the third person… as if you’re speaking of someone else. It might go something like, “Once upon a time, there was a fun loving young girl (or guy) named, ___________ who LOVED horses. In her youth she got to do ________ and ________. And then later on x, and x, and x, and x.”

(Of course this person is you.)

Bring your story up to date. Now, you’re ready to tell yourself “what happens.” This is where you tell the future story with details that excite you.” (name) decided one day to break out of feeling stuck. She saw herself doing what she really loved. She decided to never let adversity dampen her spirit. She used obstacles as opportunities to grow ever wiser and stronger.

She took risks. She designed a riding life she loved, which was ___________. She went on to ________________. She got feedback and instruction from __________. She practiced new mental tools to stay calm and focused. She always saw herself as an awesome rider.

She was so excited not to listen to those voices in her head that told her she couldn’t do what she loved in the way she loved to do it. She told herself that she was enough … and that it was all about HER journey … and not how things were judged on the outside. She became creative. She asked for help. She never gave up. She loved her riding life. She went on to __________.”

As you dare to tell a story to yourself … about yourself … in the third person … that makes you smile, all of a sudden those things seem possible. Most importantly, you feel enthusiastic again.

Live and relive and relive that story in your mind as if you’ve already achieved it. This simple story telling tool can light a spark of new belief in unlimited possibilities within you.

Perhaps your story will come true … perhaps it won’t. But to be sure, whatever version comes true, you will have the joy of a momentto-moment journey. And who you are becoming… and the magnificence of the journey is what it’s all about.