Twombly Performance Horse Sale was held December 9th & 10th, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV

Held during the National Finals Rodeo. We would like to thank all of you who attended and who bid by phone. The sale was held at Mandalay Bay Resort in the Roper Cowboy Marketplace.

People participated in bidding from 31 states and Canada. Big thanks to Group W Productions. Make plans to join us on July 28th & 29th, 2017 in Cheyenne, Wyoming for another exciting sale! See photos at

Ms Phillips had her eye on “Breyer” from the beginning. The hammer fell at $62,000 and he was Alabama bound! She wanted the ultimate trail horse with looks, color, conformation and a good mind. She purchased him sight unseen via phone. She will have the cutest little 4 yr old buckskin around.


Coming in at second high and finding a great home with repeat buyers from Wyoming. Also selling sight unseen by phone. This drop dead gorgeous gelding is a 5 yr old finished reiner whom we call “Batman”. As pretty and broke as they come. Final bid was $49,000!


Legendary race horse trainer (Triple Crown Winner) and repeat buyer Bob Baffert of California took a liking to Lot 5 “Zorro”. This beautiful 5 yr old grullo gelding is a finished reiner and broke to ride on the ranch. Bob wanted something a little bigger to pony his thoroughbreds on and thought Zorro could get the job done. Bob purchased him sight unseen for $30,000!

Lot 10 “Hock” sold to repeat buyers for $27,500. The beautiful 6 yr old buckskin gelding was a heel horse deluxe and a gem to ride out in the big country. They purchased him to ride out on their Arizona ranch. They have purchased 7 geldings from us.

A repeat buyer from Denver, Colorado took home Lot 6 “Hooya”. This drop dead gorgeous chocolate palomino gelding is an own son of the legendary Wimpys Little Step! Nancy likes a pretty one which is no surprise she purchased Hooya. Final price was $24,000!

Also selling sight unseen via phone was Lot 21 “Pooh”! This big pretty blue roan gelding is as gentle as can be. Anyone that could climb up in the saddle could handle this guy. He makes his new home in Maryland at $24,000!

Coming in at 7th high and making Montana his new home was Lot 23 “Stypes”. This flashy uniquely colored sorrel gelding was a 9 yr old. Tawnya has a good eye for horses and we appreciate her coming back. He sold for $23,000!

Selling sight unseen by phone was Lot 8 “Nala”. This beautiful 4 yr old black mare is an own daughter of Cromed Out Mercedes. As pretty as can be and had reining training. She heads for Connecticut for $22,500!

One of the prettiest gray geldings we have offered was Lot 11 “Tomahawk”. This gorgeous 6 yr old gelding was ranch broke and ready to get the job done. He sells to repeat buyers of Arizona for $21,000!

Heading the same way with repeat buyers of Arizona was Lot 17 “Kotton”. This 9 yr old gray gelding is\\was ranch broke and as cute as can be. He also goes for a final bid of $21,000!

Selling for $20,000 was Lot 13-the big pretty buckskin gelding we called “Mach 1”. He was started on the heading side and a ranch horse deluxe. He now makes his home in Arizona.

Lot 7 – $19,000 to Montana! Pictured with Red Steagall!

Lot 22 – $19,000 to California!

Lot 1 – $18,000 to New Mexico! Repeat buyer!

Lot 14 – $17,000 to Georgia! Sight unseen to Repeat Buyer!

Lot 2 – $14,000 to New Mexico! Repeat buyer!

Lot 19 – $14,000 to Alaska! Spanky the Pony!

Lot 9 – $12,500 to Texas!

Lot 16 – $10,500 to Texas!

Lot 12 – $8,500 to Nebraska! Repeat buyer!

Lot 26 – $8,000 to North Carolina!

Lot 27 – $7,000 to Wyoming

Lot 25 – $6,000 to North Carolina!

Lot 20 – $5,500 to Colorado!

Lot 15 – $4,000 to Colorado!