What To Look For An Equestrian Property

Experience of owning horses can only be maximized if you have the appropriate property to accommodate the needs of such animals. Searching for an equestrian real estate may be quite an arduous task. But it would be easier once you have formulated your own criteria for the ideal investment asset.

Having huge amount of finances if the first requirement in order to be successful in this pursuit. Firstly, the cost of such estate itself takes up a huge bulk of your expenses. Other costs such as for maintenance of the horses, their shelter and sustenance are obligations on a daily basis. Thus, preparedness is the main key here. Meanwhile, to look out for the best equine property would make you feel every penny spent is worth this undertaking. There are some components that you have to look into so you can fully benefit from purchasing this type of land. .

The property area should be your first concern. Its size should be large enough to provide space for all the facilities you need. There are some properties on the market that already have built houses and barns. However, it is imperative that you check the quality of such structures. The house should be at a close distance to the barn area. Check out if the existing barn has storage facilities, proper ventilation and sufficient feed and tack rooms. The storage facilities should be able to lodge up enough amounts of hay, grain and other foods for your horses. It is also vital that the feeding area is secured. It has to have security measures to prohibit the animals from over-eating once they get loose. The stalls should offer safety for your animals. Non-slip matted floors and solid concrete or wood walls are the best structure composition to minimize injuries. Also, the doors, ceiling and dividers per stall should provide adequate space per horse. A 10 x 10 stall is apt for small horses and ponies, while a 12 x 12 stall is for larger horses.

Aside from the building structures, the surroundings should be appropriate for grazing, footing and riding. The farms with vast expanse of full-grown trees offer cool shade for you and your animals during the hottest days. On the other hand, there are some locations with warm climate that are still suitable for horse rearing. Note that there are different adaptability dealings per location per horse breed.

Some properties also have ready-made fencing. As the possible new owner, you have the right to modify such property feature. The primary goal however is to ensure your animals would be contained within your land only. There are different types of fencing which you could use. They vary according to the material makeup. The most common one is made from wood. Most horse farms or ranches have this frame around the property due to its natural aesthetic value and appearance. This is one of the most expensive types and difficult to maintain. Vinyl is the common alternative to wood as it is durable also. Electric and barbed wire fences can be used as augment to other fencing types. These materials are dangerous though especially for the horses. Once they get in contact with such fence, they could be heavily injured which could lead to degrading health or eventual death. If you choose this one, it would be better to have another layer of fencing to serve as a buffer zone for the horses.

Sanitary and potable water supply should also be one area you should evaluate. Horses are the type of animal with large muscle mass. Their body type generates huge amount of heat and profuse sweating. They then lose bodily fluids easily. They must always have ample source of water so they can sustain a healthy sturdy body. If the property you are eyeing has no sufficient water supply, building your own irrigation system can be an ideal addition. A property with lush green pasture will also be a good source of fluid. Fresh green grass has more than 50 to 90 percent water than dry hay which only has 5 to 10 percent water.

Road accessibility is another criterion for a great equine property. Well-built roads within the area and to the main road provide adequate space for vehicles especially when you frequently have deliveries and stable maintenance. Thus, smooth operation of the facilities with regards to taking care of your horses can be guaranteed.

Owning an equestrian real estate may require huge financing. But such asset ownership opens a new horizon for a lucrative investment venture. Also, you can finally indulge your passion in watching your horses graze freely in your very own property.