Over 300 Breedings Selling In 3 Stallion Service Auctions This Week

“Three Stallion Service Auctions will close from January 25 through January 28, offering breedings to over 300 Halter and Performance stallions.

The auctions are for three strong Futurity programs: Go For The Gold Futurity, East Coast Halter Futurity and the Sierra Paint Horse Club Futurity,” announces Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC.  “Many of the top Quarter Horse, Paint and Appaloosa sires are represented in these auctions.”

To access all of these auctions go to http://internethorseauctions.com/index.php

For more information on registering to bid and how the Internet auctions work go to the website for Professional Horse Services – http://www.prohorseservices.com/StallionServiceAuctions.phpBidders can find links to the Futurity programs on this page, as well.

VS Code Red

Bids will close beginning at 3:00 pm Eastern time on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25 for the long-running GO FOR THE GOLD FUTURITY stallion service auction, which offers 191 breedings to great Quarter Horse, Paint and Appaloosa stallions in the Pleasure and Halter industries.  To view this auction go to http://internethorseauctions.com/auction.php?aucid=217


Closing on THURSDAY, JANUARY 26 is the stallion service auction for the EAST COAST HALTER FUTURITY.  The auction starts closing at 7:00 pm Eastern time.  Bidders will find breedings to many top Halter Stallions. Quarter Horse, Appaloosa and Paint breeders can choose breedings for their mares. To bid on the breedings to these stallions go to http://internethorseauctions.com/auction.php?aucid=226

John Simon

On SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, bids will begin closing at 5;00 pm PACIFIC time for the breedings offered in the SIERRA PAINT HORSE CLUB stallion service auction.  This auction features Paint and Quarter Horse Stallions that are popular in the Halter and Pleasure markets.  For bidding n this auction go to http://internethorseauctions.com/auction.php?aucid=230

The photos include VS Code Red from the Go For The Gold auction, Telasecret from the Go For The Gold and East Coast Halter Futurity auctions and John Simon from the Sierra Paint Horse Club auction.

For more information on registering, bidding and how the Internet auctions work go to the website for Professional Horse Services, LLC – http://www.prohorseservices.com/Online.php Or contact Mike and Stephanie Jennings at 855-272-3905 or email at Info@ProHorseServices.com